Teen Issues: past and present

Rebecca Del La Torre and Malavika Santhosh

October 26, 2018

Even before the word "teenager" was coined, teenagers have faced issues concerning health, society, culture, and politics. Looking at the past, you can see how social concerns and perspectives have changed or remained the same. The 1970s was carefree and filled with new technology. The BHS Catamount f...

Are academics and athletics at odds?

Cody Winkleman and Aleah Josephson

October 26, 2018

For decades, high school sports and academics have been closely associated with each other. From football to swim to even badminton, there are nearly 8 million student athletes who compete in a sport each year while attending high school. There have been many studies of the effects of sports on student...

Welcoming the new administration

Evie Smith, Photo Editor, Co-Litterbox Editor

October 26, 2018

Mr. Scott Leick is one of the new assistant principals here at BHS and he has worked in education for 20 years. In those 20 years, he has mostly been a school counselor and a football coach. After working at the Northshore district office last year, he thinks that it is “very exciting to be back i...