Article Spotlight: FBLA & ASL Club

Courtesy of Kunal Kumar

Bothell High has formed many teams and clubs that truly showcase the skills and talents of the Bothell community. So what better than to display and feature the accomplishments and goals of such clubs in this article?!

Apurv Srirangapatnam (‘25), one of two fundraising chairs in the competitive and established club, FBLA, has much to share about its values and importance to him! FBLA, or the Future Business Leaders of America, is meaningful as “the valuable experiences from events and the memories made through FBLA” strengthen the club’s significance and opportunities. This club offers ways to enhance scholastic and workshop skills, exploring a variety of career options as Apurv remarks that it helps “become a more well-rounded person with experiences that make me more knowledgeable”. Apurv aims to “improve by making it more accessible, train students, and most importantly, to have fun”.

Diving deeper into the competitive spirit, Harmony Swayne, a BHS staff member, is excited to represent the ASL club. She remarks that “ASL club has grown since pandemic to now, it’s great to be nationally recognized by community service hours, it’s great to see students growth, putting in work to see students being recognized”. The American Sign Language club focuses on its students, helping them get opportunities like “gaining scholarships, national recognition, helping students into colleges, or ASL fields”. Ms. Swayne is excited about the many ways that ASL club can help people from beginners to more advanced students, to even those who don’t know ASL.