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A is not for Ally

A is not for Ally

Halli Conom March 25, 2021

As the LGBTQIA+ acronym continues to grow, it’s important to recognise and include the last few letters. People often cut the acronym short - whether for simplicity or lack of knowledge, we’ll never...

Washington's best ducks

Washington’s best ducks

Kaya Suraci, Reporter March 24, 2021

Are Washington’s forests filled with toucans, parrots, and cockatoos? Not exactly. You’re more likely to find a crow, or if you’re lucky you might come across an owl or eagle. For me, the real wonders...

Bothell does Black History Month

Bothell does Black History Month

Tara Duong, Reporter March 24, 2021

Black History Month (BHM) began as just a short week that was established by Carter G. Woodson in February of 1926 to commemorate Black History and celebrate Black achievements. Calling it “Negro History...

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And here’s what you missed on Glee…

Tara Duong and Kendyll Lindsey March 17, 2021

The Fox Network TV show “Glee,” a 6 season-long, musical teen drama about high school is a stunning example of a show that has done everything incorrectly. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a fantastic...

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Presence of Bi-phobia Among the LGBTQ+ Community

Kendyll Lindsey, Reporter February 9, 2021

bi·​sex·​u·​al adjective of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to people of one’s same sex and of the opposite sex. -  Merriam-Webster Dictionary   Imagine...

What’s up with Word of the Week?

Tara Duong, Reporter February 4, 2021

A recent addition to Bothell High School’s virtual campus this year is a new racial justice initiative called Word of the Week (WoW), created by Bothell’s Racial Educational Justice Committee. Each...

Stop using the R-Slur

Stop using the R-Slur

Kaya Suraci and Diya Anoop December 20, 2020

Slurs are a tough topic. They were once words that were widely used, and with this word in particular it was even a medical term. In fact, only in 2010 was the official term changed to “intellectual...

Art by Diya Anoop

Avatar: The Last Airbender – A showcase of cultures

Diya Anoop, Reporter December 20, 2020

Over these long quarantine months, myself and many of my peers have found ourselves revisiting beloved childhood TV shows and movies- likely because we are drawn to the comfort of nostalgia in a world...

Art by Tara Duong

Where are the teachers of color?

Tara Duong, Reporter December 18, 2020

In a predominantly white institution, being a student of color can be isolating, to say the least. Every ethnic kid in a mostly white school can relate to the feeling of being different from their peers,...

Art by Tara Duong

Bothell’s hot takes

Tara Duong, Reporter December 18, 2020

Throughout the year, especially during the presidential election season, Bothell students have either engaged in a plethora of heated debates with friends and acquaintances or avoided them at all cost....

Inner growth. Art by Halli Conom.

Winter Wellness

Halli Conom, Reporter December 18, 2020

It’s that time of the year again folks, and no, we’re not talking about the Christmas crazies or the hopes of snow. A lot of people have written off the holiday cheer this year, and with COVID-19 running...

Mr. Crouch hard at work on his couch at Stately Crouch Manor. Photo by Ms. Claire Crouch.

Crouch’s Couch 12/20

Mr. Crouch, Catamount Advisor December 18, 2020

“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and...

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