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Rhiannon Ralbovsky shows off her Bothell pride. Art by Tara Duong.

New students at Bothell

Tara Duong, Reporter March 29, 2021

If you have ever been the new kid at school you would be familiar with the uneasy feeling of trying to find somewhere to sit at lunch, getting lost trying to locate your English class, and the daunting...

Asking ASB your questions!

Diya Anoop, Reporter, Online Editor March 26, 2021

Why does caffeine make me sleepy?

Why does caffeine make me sleepy?

Tara Duong, Reporter March 25, 2021

I have never drank a cup of coffee. I am an avid (decaf) tea person who enjoys the occasional chai latte or hot chocolate, but never coffee. Between witnessing my family’s persistent addiction to coffee,...

365 Days of Chaos

Isabella Cheng, Reporter March 24, 2021

One year since that fateful March 2020. The month where everything went upside down and into a blender. We’ve found new euphemisms for a year that has been chaotic event after chaotic event, from discovering...

Virus photo from the CDC, layered image by Kaya Suraci

My family traveled during a pandemic

Kaya Suraci, Reporter March 17, 2021

My family planned to go to Austria this summer for the first time, and as excited as I was for it, excitement certainly doesn’t overshadow the COVID-19 pandemic- so we canceled it. That was a pretty...

Students in the workplace – Target

Stone Wolfgang, Reporter March 17, 2021

Target is no doubt one of the best places to go when you need some awesome snacks! We also have many students at Bothell who have worked at Target and during our series of students in the workplace, we...

Bothell Fred Meyer; photo credit: Nextdoor Photos

Students in the Workplace – Fred Meyer

Stone Wolfgang, Reporter March 17, 2021

Early 2020 created lots of fear and as you might remember, no fear was as great as the ‘Toilet Paper Scare.’ According to NC State University, “Nearly half of all grocery stores in the United States...

The picture is a fingerspelling of ASL using the American Sign Language alphabet. Photo credit: pixabay

Surprise! BHS and IHS ASL classes combined for a week

Kendyll Lindsey, Reporter March 17, 2021

On January 2nd, 2 days before we all returned to our online classes until mid-winter break, ASL teacher Mr. Andy Gault sent out an email to his students. This email included encouragement towards his students...

The cultural significance of white people in Hawaii

Kaya Suraci, Reporter March 1, 2021

The mainland 48 states of the US have been around for a good while, but in 1960, the two latest states were added to the United States of America. One of those was Hawaii, a series of islands very far...

Photo of a webcam, taken by Tanner Steele (‘22)

Why don’t students turn on their webcams on Zoom?

Tanner Steele, Reporter March 1, 2021

Zoom has made itself right at home in the majority of our lives since the pandemic began, whether it be school, family “get-togethers,” or even a way to catch up with some friends. Although when it...

Teen dating during a pandemic: Valentine’s Day edition

Kendyll Lindsey, Reporter February 14, 2021

Disclaimer: this article is based on follow-up interviews from a previous article. If you have not read “Teen Dating During a Pandemic” here is the link to go read that first: Ah...

Photo Credit: Ryan Kleinmann

Student Spotlight: Zuzu Kandilige talks modeling and acting in high school

Tara Duong, Reporter February 11, 2021

You may have seen Bothell junior, Zuzu Kandilige (‘22) running track and field or cross country or in ASB, but beyond BHS, Kandilige has a second life. In 2018, she signed on to an agency with the intention...

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