The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Image Credit: Wendy Wands

The Magic Wands Waves Goodbye

Jayden Sheetz June 10, 2024

As the large school it is, keeping Bothell High School functioning is not a job that comes easily. This job, however, has been gracefully, and brilliantly executed by Ms. Wendy Wands, our campus supervisor,...

Image Credit: Andreas Gardner

Birds of Bothell: The Chickadee!

Andreas Gardner June 8, 2024

“Chickadee dee dee dee!” you might have heard before. This call belongs to the chickadee! Washington chickadees come in four main varieties: the Black-Capped Chickadee, Mountain Chickadee, Boreal...

Image Credit: Google Maps

Hidden Gems in Our Area

Lily Sheetz and Brooke Bonser June 7, 2024

Getting tired of the same popular places? Well in this article we dive into four locations that deserve a lot more attention.  Our first hidden gem is Becas Brew, an outdoor coffee stand right outside...

Image Credit: Evan OBrien (left)  Moriah Hawkins (right)

My 4-Year Journey (and Beyond) Through Photography

Alistair Hennessey June 5, 2024

 Chapter 1: The Beginning (Freshman and Sophomore year) I got my first camera in my freshman year. It was a Canon Powershot SX540, my Papa and Nana gifted it to me for beginning and intermediate...

Image Credit: OurDeal

Pen-and-paper vs Tablet-and-stylus Note-taking

Emma Truter June 3, 2024

So, for generations, we have used the classic pen-and-paper duo for our notes, tests, studying, etc. But as of recent years, a new player has entered the field…the tablet and stylus! Now which is better?...

Image Credit: City of Bothell

Fun Things to Do in Bothell Over the Summer

Andrew Bush June 3, 2024

Hey Cougs, are you ready for a summer of fun and late nights? From jamming out at Summer Nights in Bothell to chilling on a kayak on the Sammamish River, I’ve got the scoop on where to be through the...

BHS Music on the National Stage

Jayden Sheetz May 31, 2024

Music is what unites our world; it is one of the greatest joys of life. With hundreds of genres, harmonies, melodies, and more, music is one of the most beautiful art forms created by humanity. The Bothell...

Image Credit: Official ASVAB site

What is the ASVAB?

Greyson Jones May 30, 2024

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. To enlist...

Image Credit: Getty Images

The New State of Music Production: Anyone Can Do It

Clara Frost May 29, 2024

Creating music used to be a daunting endeavor, requiring a professional recording studio and expert assistance in order to produce something high-quality. Today, the game has changed dramatically. Now,...

To College or Not To College—That Is The Question

To College or Not To College—That Is The Question

Olivia Asmann May 28, 2024

As the school year comes to a close, Seniors are becoming ever-familiar with being asked “So, what are your post-high school plans?”. This seemingly benign question can open up a pandora’s box of...

Image Credit: Olivia Asmann

Institutional Memory Loss: Bothell Pre and Post-Pandemic

Olivia Asmann May 3, 2024

As social institutions go, schools have some of the shortest memories. Four years, and it’s an entirely new population of students. Traditions are maintained by upperclassmen passing them to lowerclassmen,...

Image Credit: Trisha Pokkuluri

An Inside Look at Bothell’s Science Olympiad Team

Malia Ozoa and Andrew Bush May 3, 2024

Throughout the years, Bothell’s Science Olympiad team has been recognized as a distinguished community of hardworking students. But what does it take to be on the Science Olympiad team? Trisha Pokkuluri...

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