BHS Club Feature!


Image Credit: Courtesy of Kunal Kumar

The clubs of Bothell High are showcased yet again! 

Pavan Anoop (‘25) is excited to share his passion for investing and the stock market as the president of the Investing Club. As President, his responsibilities include: looking at the market and company benefits, organizing meetings and presentations, building a community, and talking about future investments. He wants to share the knowledge that he has been taught by his family and grow the BHS investing community by helping out others. He seeks to “encourage participation and engage the audience by not just [showing] presentations, but also playing games.” Pavan is new to taking a leadership role for a club, and he wants to bring more recognition to the club by putting up posters, featuring on the cougar cast, and taking an interest in expanding the club competitively. Pavan remarks that investing is a significant skill to learn in life, as he says he wanrs to “further all of our knowledge, invest safely, and maybe I [Pavan] can learn something too!”

Communities can also grow by welcoming and learning of the traditions and ethnicities of people within Bothell High. Co-President Shree Dalta (‘25) and Vice-President Jasnoor Chimni (‘25) of the South Asian Student Union (SASU) do just that with their supportive club. By “embracing traditions and celebrations by just having fun”, SASU aims to welcome students of the  South Asian culture. Shree also notes that anyone outside the South Asian community can also join and learn about Indian customs so that more people can recognize SASU in BHS. SASU’s goals are to connect with their audience, plan events, and create activities for members to participate in. And as Jasnoor wraps it up, she adds that she wants to “go into the world more proud to be a South Asian.”


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