Dogs of the Counselor’s Office


Image Credit: Lydia Townsend

You may have noticed the two furry friends in the counselors office twice a week, surrounded by others enjoying the pets and cuddles. Reggie Eckle (age 2) and Toby Felton (age 3) are Official Canine Counselors here at Bothell High School.

 Lindsay Eckle (Bothell High School counselor for last names Fo-Kh) and Robert Felton (Bothell High School counselor for last names N-Sc) both agreed that Reggie and Toby would do well in the counselors office, despite neither of them being registered emotional support animals. “Felton started bringing in Toby last year in 2021 when the school counseling team saw a rise in anxiety amongst students at Bothell.” Eckle says. Felton states that “Lisa Carson (Bothell High School counselor for last names A-Cha) had suggested bringing in Toby. He started coming in on early-release Wednesdays and there was a positive response with both students and staff.” Felton stated, so later Ms. Eckle wanted to give Reggie a try. Even though everyone loves the canine counselors, their human companions both agreed the dogs would only come for two days a week. Make sure when you visit during lunch to keep your food attended if you don’t want you food to be eaten, but if you do want to give food, ask Ms.Eckle and Mr. Felton before you do. “Student have been very good at asking and have been very good to the dogs as a whole, I have never seen any boundaries being crossed” Eckle adds on. 

At the end of the day everyone is tired and ready to go home. Everyone loves the dogs and the dogs love us. As a way for the counselors to spread this cheer they have created a Board where you can print out and share your pet(s) on the board in the councillor’s office, so come on in if you want to learn more and maybe have your pet on display.