Halloween Traditions

For many, Halloween is a time for people to celebrate their favorite characters and to eat tasty treats; with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for us to talk about what makes this holiday even more special. Let’s take a look at some of the popular traditions that are typically followed during the spooky season!


Trick or Treating

Image Credit: East Donegal Township https://eastdonegaltwp.com/2022/09/trick-or-treat-scheduled-october-30-2020/

What is Trick-or-Treating?

Trick-or-Treating is when children (and adults) dress up in fun costumes and visit houses for sweet treats. 

Where did this tradition originate from? 

There is a theory that Trick-or-Treating is the modern-day version of Samhain (A Celtic festival to celebrate the first day of November, marking the beginning of winter), the Celtic people would leave food out to befriend the traveling spirits. Over time, people worldwide started to dress as these ‘spirits’ making this a spooky holiday. Now, it’s not uncommon to see children and adults alike dressing as their favorite characters.


Carving Jack-o-Lanterns

Image Credit: Martha Stewart https://www.marthastewart.com/8312867/what-to-do-with-pumpkin-seeds-after-carving-jack-o-lantern

Where did this tradition originate from?

The tradition of carving Jack-o-Lanterns was said to have come from Ireland. In fact, there’s a story too! There is a legend about a man named Stingy Jack who would trap devils and only let them go if it meant that Jack would never have to go to the underworld. But when Jack died, he couldn’t go to heaven so he had to wander Earth as a spirit forever. As a gift, the Devil gave him a carved turnip with a candle in it to show his path. It is said that people carve scary faces on their pumpkins to frighten evil spirits. 



Corn Mazes

Photo Credit: Best Things Louisiana https://bestthingsla.com/corn-mazes/

What is a Corn Maze?

A Corn maze is not anything particularly fancy, in fact, it’s just a lifesize maze cut into a corn field. Corn mazes are popular attractions during Halloween; they make for a fun activity!


Where does this activity and/or tradition originate from?

The origins of the first corn maze date back to 1993 in Annville, Pennsylvania, but going to corn mazes is more of a modern tradition as it has come around recently. This activity is amazing for families and large groups of people!