What is Bothell Wearing This Fall?

It’s getting colder, which means it’s time to

bundle up in warm clothes to go to school.

Here’s a look at what some cougars are wearing this fall.

Pic credits: Malia Ozoa

Shayla Maya-Torres (‘25) wears classic comfy

grey sweats, a black zip-up, and a Nike beanie.

Pic Credits: Malia Ozoa


Jasnoor Chimini (‘25) (left) looks cozy in a

green hoodie with flared leggings and Nike

Air Force 1 High Sculpts. Ayana Javed (‘24)

pairs baggy jeans with a green crop top and

an over sized jacket.

Pic credit: Malia Ozoa

Lilly Wiley (‘25) pairs baggy blue jeans with the

iconic cat sweater that Marcilene from Adventure

Time wears.

Pic Credit: Malia Ozoa

Cole Hugg (‘25) Keeps warm by layering a

flannel over a red hoodie.

Pic creds: Ayana Javed

Shrew Data (‘25) and Malia Ozoa (25) Twin with

white sweaters, blue jeans, and classic converse.