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Teachers’ salaries being raised!

Bryanna Fernandez, Reporter December 30, 2018

Many teachers have gathered in protest against their current wages.  The website Top Education Degrees shows that the median annual salary for a teacher is approximately $55,000 a year.  This salary...

This Day in History

Aleah Josephsen, Co-Sports Editor December 30, 2018

November 20th is an important day in American history. In 1975 Ronald Reagan announced his run at presidential candidacy. As president, Reagan was a generally well-liked and appreciated president who...

Cougars in playoffs!

Audrey Rainwater and Aleah Josephson December 30, 2018

The Bothell High School varsity football team has once again made their way into playoffs! With the goal of State in mind, the players have continually brought their very best effort onto the field....

Hurricane Maria’s death toll

Stephanie Rodriguez, Reporter October 26, 2018

Hurricane Maria has been the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Jane in 2004. According to CNN Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 17th, 2017. Destruction rained on Puerto Rico, The...

How seniors are using their vote

Nathan Kowsky, reporter October 26, 2018

On November 4th, all ten seats for Washington State’s delegation in the US House of Representatives are up for election, as well as 25 of the 49 state legislature lower house seats, while the other 24...

The case for equity in Israel

Levi Gettleman, A&E Editor October 26, 2018

Israeli Knesset passed the Nation-State law on July 19, 2018, which reaffirms Israel as a Jewish State governed primarily by Jewish principles per Israeli News Source Haaretz. Although this law mainly...

AGI and Robotics

Nathan Kowsky and Bryanna Fernandez October 16, 2018

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is what we know as robots.  These robots could perform any intellectual task a human can. Based on the path our world is heading with technology, it seems that...

Today in History

Aleah Josephson, Sports Editor October 16, 2018

The most prominent events which occurred on October 23rd are the release of “Dumbo” in 1941, Nixon’s agreement to turn over his documents in 1973 and the release of the ipod in 2001. Dumbo, a...

Raising Theybies

Michael Marquess II, Cover Editor, Art Editor October 16, 2018

It is a boy or a girl? For ages this question has haunted countless soon-to-be parents. However, parents have now begun to question their own authority on answering that question. Enter the theyby,...

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