Our two-week break, part 2

Kailani Jackson, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Kailani Jackson (‘19) Snow in Bothell! As you all would’ve noticed Bothell received one of its largest snow storms since mid- Dec. 2008. According to the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter says that the Kenmore area was one of the hardest hit by the snow and received anywhere from five to ten inches of snow. Parts of Snohomish county area had between six and eight inches. Seattle broke its record for snowiest February in 70 years, reports CNN.

While this weather may seem completely out of character for our area, Seattle received 21.5 inches in its snowiest month on record, in 1916, according to AccuWeather.

Some were very concerned. On Feb. 8, Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency, before any snowstorm actually hit. SeaTac canceled or delayed upwards of 500 flights or more, according to FlightAware.

By Tuesday, Feb. 12, Accuweather reports 80,000 Puget Sound Energy customers had lost power.

Some were able to capitalize on the snowstorm; an Idaho teenager made $35,000 plowing snow for Craigslist customers with his own personal snowplow, reports CNN.

Now, snow has moved down the coast and is relentlessly hitting Northeastern Oregon, causing many school cancellations as we saw here. Also, an Amtrak train was stranded for over 12 hours after hitting low-hanging branches and being unreachable to crews due to snow pileup, reports local news channel KHQ.


Kailani Jackson
Snow and icicles at a house in Bothell.