The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Image Credit: Tracey Capone

cherry blossoms

Wendy Brannon June 2, 2024

Petals on a cherry tree, small pinks and whites on slender stems, vanish soon after bloom into the wind. Petals, barely captured for more than a week, before they fall and brown and decay into...

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Julia Watts May 17, 2024

  Is freedom eternal or ephemeral? Fleeting or forever? Perhaps it is not beginning  But has always been Never needed to start  Never shall reach an end    Is it wrong...

Image Credit: Wendy Brannon

Double Sunset – Poetry

Wendy Brannon October 29, 2023

Brilliant colors of the sunset melt  into the foliage of dying trees. Yellow, orange, red, purple, fade into drab browns, into different shades of gloom. Coffee-ground leaves  sink into...

Image Credit: Julia Watts (Sketchbook)

Faces – Poem

Julia Watts October 27, 2023

Faces  I’ve had many names throughout the years  Years upon years of life leading to where?  A given, an asian, a secret, a self-proclaimed  Little cold, jewel bug are some of the few    I’ve...

Image Credit: Wendy Brannon

Lovely Worms – Poem

Wendy Brannon June 12, 2023

  The grass is growing green again, as Spring returns, taking all of Winter’s rot, all what Winter wrought: the lost things, the cold things, the old things, the dead things. And...

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Augustus Caesar – Poetry

Aurelia Stokke March 15, 2023

  I have brought glory to Rome.   And though my friends have fallen, I bear no brute on my chest For I rise above them mercilessly,  It’s their final time to rest.   Julius...

Image Credit: Srabon Arafat

Quiet Queer Apocalypse – Poetry

Norma Lin March 7, 2023

  No magpies bridged the Milky Way, but this greater flame came and ate our nebula of simmering, shimmering miseries.   What are we now, void history?   Acid burned our hands...

the nose snail - Poem

the nose snail – Poem

Wendy Brannon March 1, 2023

“This isn’t thinking club. You’ve been thinking too long.” So what, buddy? What if I Want to think?  Except I keep going back to snails. Reminds me of My childhood.  I was told...

Image Credit: Illustrated by Conor Nolan

Elegy for a Whale Fall – Poetry

Norma Lin February 8, 2023

  Dies behemoth of the ocean Where it is cold and deep and open. Plunging past the twilight zone; Drifts where sun has never shone.   In abyssopelagic darkness, She intrudes...

Headless Horseman

Aurelia Stokke October 30, 2022

He flocks alone in the dark of night, Chilling the townspeople with deathly fright. A bloody stump atop a human body. And his billowing cape, gory and gaudy He’s come to steal you from your abode. His...

Image Source: Elite Tree Care

Fall Poetry: you’re not falling, the leaves are

Phebe Emmanuel October 30, 2022

you’re not falling, the leaves are. they’re tuning bright red like the pain that rages inside of you, but the difference is that they are rotting away and you are not. you are just beginning to bloom....

The Giant

Phebe Emmanuel, Reporter, Poet, Copy Editor May 20, 2022

My roots  Have slithered down Slinked underground From this Black girl in Seattle  To the giant Of Africa   Where the blood runs hot and the sun even hotter Where mistempered...

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