Immigrant children die in ICE custody

The U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency has recently come under fire for their treatment of detainees.

Stephanie Rodriguez, Reporter

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22 immigrants have died in the past 2 years inside the immigration detention camps of the United States.

To many this might sound astounding, and many might blame it on our current president, but unfortunately it is not new news that immigrants have died in U.S custody, according to NBC News Analysis, there have been 188 immigrant deaths since 2003, but many are wondering: Are these immigrants dying because of personal medical problems or are they dying due to lack of proper care in the immigration facilities?

When Donald Trump was questioned about the recent deaths of two Guatemalan children, Jakelin Caal Maquin and Felipe Alonzo Gomez, he blamed it on the Democrats rejection towards the funding for the border wall. In summer of 2018, NBC News submitted a records request for death reviews of all the detainees who have died the past two years, but ICE has not yet fulfilled that request.

This has led many people to suspect that ICE indeed has been trying to hide the cause of death of the children,  along with the other 20 immigrants who have died under Trump’s presidency. There are many theories regarding why ICE does not want to show the analysis of the deaths of the immigrants. A major one is that many think ICE is providing low maintenance on purpose to send a message to future immigrants that they are not welcome. Many think that these deaths are acts of clear racism and hostility toward immigrants immigrating.