The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

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Augustus Caesar – Poetry

Aurelia Stokke March 15, 2023

  I have brought glory to Rome.   And though my friends have fallen, I bear no brute on my chest For I rise above them mercilessly,  It’s their final time to rest.   Julius...

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Quiet Queer Apocalypse – Poetry

Norma Lin March 7, 2023

  No magpies bridged the Milky Way, but this greater flame came and ate our nebula of simmering, shimmering miseries.   What are we now, void history?   Acid burned our hands...

By Wendy Brannon

Troll Rock – Short Story

Wendy Brannon February 8, 2023

Light ocean breezes brushed against the faces of the three wanderers, carrying tiny beads of mist that gently kissed and clung to their faces. It was a dimly lit and cold day, the sun blocked by heavy...

Image Credit: Illustrated by Conor Nolan

Whale Fall – Poetry

Norma Lin February 8, 2023

  Dies behemoth of the ocean Where it is cold and deep and open. Plunging past the twilight zone; Drifts where sun has never shone.   In abyssopelagic darkness, She intrudes...

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Lost Things – Poetry

Julia Watts January 4, 2023

What is it to be broken?  Shattered like a glass screen?  Shattered like the tension of meaningless drama?  Shattered like everyone else’s small, small world?   Walk by a million...

Image Credit: Wendy Brannon

A Relaxing Cup of Hot Cocoa

Wendy Brannon December 20, 2022

  In a snowy northern forest, in a snowy clearing, in a snow-covered cottage, in front of a crackling fire, a puffy little arctic fox stretched open its little mouth and yawned. It stood up from...

Image Credit: Illustrated by Norma Lin

Favor for a Friend Afflicted – Short Story

Norma Lin December 15, 2022
I met her at a low point in my life. She hovered over me as I came to, her eyes wide and unblinking. She was made of sinew and flaking leather. Her long hairs hung sparsely and colorlessly from her scalp in patches. I was screaming. She didn’t follow my gaze when I strained to see the snapped tibia jutting out of my shin, and instead stared unfalteringly at my face as I shrieked and whimpered. My blood had sunk into the snow, spreading, staining her threadbare robes where she knelt beside me...

Submerged – Psychological Thriller

Aurelia Stokke October 31, 2022

Her eyes open. She’s enveloped in pure darkness, where the light is even afraid to show itself. Why can’t she breathe? She tries moving an arm, but it’s slow and languid. Did she even...

Headless Horseman

Aurelia Stokke October 30, 2022

He flocks alone in the dark of night, Chilling the townspeople with deathly fright. A bloody stump atop a human body. And his billowing cape, gory and gaudy He’s come to steal you from your abode. His...

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Fall Poetry: you’re not falling, the leaves are

Phebe Emmanuel October 30, 2022

you’re not falling, the leaves are. they’re tuning bright red like the pain that rages inside of you, but the difference is that they are rotting away and you are not. you are just beginning to bloom....

The Giant

Phebe Emmanuel, Reporter, Poet, Copy Editor May 20, 2022

My roots  Have slithered down Slinked underground From this Black girl in Seattle  To the giant Of Africa   Where the blood runs hot and the sun even hotter Where mistempered...

Walking the Line

Phebe Emmanuel , Reporter, Poet, Copy Editor February 11, 2022

Maami My mother Sings in a tongue I knew but Along this journey  Of walking the line between  One too many worlds  Have forgotten Its hold on me  Never fading   Always...

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