The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Image Credit: Barry Roal Carlsen

ABYSSALIS Interviewed by Zuoren Aili for The Blue Straggler, 2097 [ABRIDGED]

Norma Lin March 27, 2024

  Twelve years after her fatal accident in Tor. X-9-140, █████ ████ shocks all of Juvia with a full recovery and re-debut as ABYSSALIS with the release of Atomic Automaton Heart,...

Image Credit: Joel Yang

Chaos Blade Files: N. America 1970s

Joel Yang January 18, 2024

In North America, deep under the earth, there is a ruined temple. In that temple, a Red Blade is stabbed into a pedestal, and behind that is a tunnel leading to many murals showcasing events in North American...

Image Credit: Karl Bimshas Consulting (

Forest of the Lost

Joel Yang January 15, 2024

A child absent-mindedly strolls through the foggy forest under the starry night sky. The child begins to slow down, eventually stops walking, and thinks: “Where am I?”.  The child looks around...

Image Credit: naraa .in.ub on Unsplash (

The Island of Nod

Joel Yang November 4, 2023

You open your eyes and see a bright, starry night sky. You are lying on a soft field and are surrounded by blooming flowers, it feels like spring.  That’s weird, last time you checked it was January...

Illustrated by Norma Lin

From Operation EiPoRo, File 19, Letter 35

Norma Lin October 30, 2023

The landing capsule settles with an exhale, stirring dust into opaque clouds. Click. The hatch springs open. I step out to survey the landscape, kicking pebbles and watching them shoot out in low gravity....

Image Credit: PhotonPheonix on DeviantArt (

Thunder Born

Julia Watts October 30, 2023

The storm brings peace. The calm of the weather season is changing. We count the changing time by storm. World runs, like clockwork. Three dimensional. Like our world. Or so we think. The ancient humanoids...

Image Credit: Wendy Brannon

Double Sunset – Poetry

Wendy Brannon October 29, 2023

Brilliant colors of the sunset melt  into the foliage of dying trees. Yellow, orange, red, purple, fade into drab browns, into different shades of gloom. Coffee-ground leaves  sink into...

Image Credit: Joel Yang

Chaos Blade Files: Introduction

Joel Yang October 28, 2023

Hello, what you have in your hands is the culmination of months of research and discoveries. These are the Chaos Blade Files, a collection of Files that will inform you on the Chaos Blades and how they...

Image Credit: Julia Watts (Sketchbook)

Faces – Poem

Julia Watts October 27, 2023

Faces  I’ve had many names throughout the years  Years upon years of life leading to where?  A given, an asian, a secret, a self-proclaimed  Little cold, jewel bug are some of the few    I’ve...

Image Credit: Wendy Brannon

Lovely Worms – Poem

Wendy Brannon June 12, 2023

  The grass is growing green again, as Spring returns, taking all of Winter’s rot, all what Winter wrought: the lost things, the cold things, the old things, the dead things. And...

Image Credit: somatonic on DeviantArt (

Don’t Break the Silence

Julia Watts March 26, 2023

Listen without speaking, Open your mind to the network of intangible colors,  Let the emptiness wash over in a cleansing tide of nothing.    What is heard is unspoken, What is spoken...

Image Credit: Sandara on DeviantArt (

The Legend of Hades and Persephone

Libby Urlacher March 24, 2023

In Greek mythology Persephone is the daughter of Zeus (king of the gods) and Demeter (goddess of harvest and agriculture). One day when Persephone was working with her mother in the mortal realm, she was...

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