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The voice of the students

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The voice of the students

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The Best French Fries in Bothell

Image Credit: NurPhotos via Getty Images

This is my opinion on the best fast-food french fries in Bothell:


Chick-fil-A: 4.5/10

I enjoyed Chick-fil-A’s fries but don’t particularly like waffle fries and I found them to be very big with not many fries in a container. 


Jack in the box: 6/10

The Jack in the Box french fries are good, they are slightly crispy and very soft inside. I liked these fries but I was looking for more crispness and flavor. 


Ranch Drive-in: 6/10

Ranch Drive-in had good fries, they were soggy with a slight crunch and nicely salted. 


Mcdonalds: 8.5/10

Many people agree that Mcdonalds’ fries are good, they are salty, crispy, and have a great taste but sometimes they are inconsistent with what they give you. Mcdonalds’ will either give you good crispy fries or soggy and salty fries, which in my opinion does not make a good combination. 


Wendy’s: 9/10

I highly enjoyed these fries. They had the perfect amount of salt and weren’t too soggy and they also didn’t have a good crisp but they were soft on the inside. 


Five guys: 9.5/10

Five guys had amazing fries, they were salty with a good crisp and crunch and they make their fries every day. 


Dairy Queen: 10/10

Dairy Queen also has amazing fries with the perfect crispy-to-crunchy ratio and with a good amount of salt and the amount of fries you can get in one box is a great amount.


What’s your opinion on the best fries in Bothell? Fill out the survey to share your input.

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