World News Whiparound

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter


  • Measles outbreaks


Recently, there have been measles outbreaks all over the country. Many say the decline in vaccination rates, especially among children, is the reason for these outbreaks. People who haven’t been vaccinated are most at risk. The outbreak in Clark County has led to Washington State declaring a state of emergency. According to ABC News, there have been 38 confirmed cases in Washington and 187 cases in New York.


  • Venezuela: Guaidó vs. Maduro


A failing economy, U.S. imposed oil sanctions, food and medicine shortages, and hyperinflation are big parts of the political unrest in Venezuela. Socialist president Nicolás Maduro, who got elected onto a second term through a very controversial 2018 election, is now facing efforts from the opposition to unseat him. Leading that opposition is Juan Guaidó, who has now declared himself acting president. The U.S., Canada, and other Latin American countries support Guaidó, while Russia and China, among others, back Maduro.

  • Roosevelt High School prints racist cover

Roosevelt High School’s newspaper has landed in hot water after printing a racist illustration on the cover. The picture depicted a black man dressed in a beanie and scarf facing a white man in a business suit exchanging money and a package labeled “cure,” says The Seattle Times. The school’s Black Student Union believes the picture “was not an intentionally malicious action . . . feel as if this illustration lacks racial sensitivity and awareness towards the dangers of perpetuating stereotypes.” The school has responded to this situation by planning continued diversity training for staff and better ethnic studies lessons for students.

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