Bothell Swim Team

If you are looking for something to do outside of school, then you should consider joining the Bothell swim team. Bothell swim is open to everyone whether you’ve been swimming for years or can’t swim at all. Joining the swim team is an excellent way to challenge yourself in a safe environment.

The swim teams are run by boys coach Anthony Schulz and girls coach Mrs. Crowe. Practices are usually early in the morning from 5:15-6:15 AM at Juanita high school. According to girls coach Kathryn Crowe the practices are pretty physically intensive and usually focus on either technique, speed, and endurance. Collin Wyant (‘22) said, “The practices are tough, but watching other people swim faster than me and wanting to beat them helps me get through it.”

The swim competitions are pretty similar to track and field meets. Each person signs up for their events beforehand. Each swimmer usually signs up for two individual events and two relays. The events are the 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, 100 meter backstroke, 100 meter butterfly, 100 meter breaststroke, 500 meter freestyle, 50 meter freestyle, 200 meter relay medley, 200 meter individual medley, 200 freestyle relay, and 400 meter freestyle relay. Crowe said the swim meets, “a great time to hangout with your teammates and swim fast to not only get personal records, but try and place for points against other schools.”

The Bothell swim team has a great community around it, and it’s an excellent place to meet new people and join a welcoming community. Boys swim team captain Lakshey Hooda (‘22) said, “I try to make the team a good place for everyone and encourage people to do their best.” He stated that the team is always “hyping each other up and motivating each other to swim and have fun.”  For Hooda the best part of the swim team is “swimming and competing with my friends.”