The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

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Washington State Stands Against Climate Change

Camila Noriega Rodriguez, Reporter February 28, 2022

 Changes in Earth’s climate have become a worrisome topic for many across the globe, and many communities respond to it differently. Our community specifically has taken many measures to combat climate...

Harper College Advisory - Mask Guidelines

It’s Not a Hard Task to Wear a Mask

Jayden Sheetz, Reporter February 28, 2022

Living through a global pandemic as high schoolers has proven to be a very difficult task; a task made incredibly more difficult as the recovery progress is hampered by the disregard of proper precautions.    Wearing...

BHS Favorite Songs

BHS’ Favorite Songs

Phebe Emmanuel, Reporter, Copy Editor February 28, 2022

Topping Billboard’s year-end Hot 100 Songs charts are Dua Lipa’s “Levitating”, The Weekend and Ariana Grande’s “Save Your Tears”, and The Weekend’s “Blinding Lights”. But what kind...

Artist Feature: Reece Williams

Artist Feature: Reece Williams

Tobin Kistler, Reporter February 28, 2022

Reece Williams (‘22) is a talented young man who is an active tenor singer in Jazz and Chamber choir at Bothell High School. Outside of choir, you’ll see him playing on the soccer team. In his free...

Crossword #1

Shivani Kulandaivel, Reporter, Litterbox Editor February 11, 2022

ACROSS What is the weekly video that the ASB makes called?(Two words, write answers with no spaces.) What is the 15 minutes of break at the end of block periods called?(Two words, write answers...

Photo taken by Vera pash

Thespian Feature: Aya Long

Olivia Asmann, Reporter February 11, 2022

“Could we meet somewhere near the blackbox?” Aya Long (‘22), asks me. They have a rehearsal to be at right after our interview, so we sit down on a staircase near the theatre classroom and Long tells...

Winter Word Search

Shivani Kulandaivel, Reporter, Litterbox Editor February 11, 2022

S L A R P D G A A G F F L J P K E A L J W Q X P L O E Y B G S R D I L B M Y R R S Y R K F D U A E C W X O I V R G E K B R N B M N A T Z C A P T F L C I V W N Z T L X I M R H U J I B N S V I T A G T P R S V G M W L N L Q V I R Y W T Y Y L R O A S E U L E S Y E M P X M E N K I N I M C A R Q C L G W H S W N J F C A Y N Y C N P I T E N I L L A T S Y R C B R B O C I L I H P O R H C Y S P H P Z I P Y P R I M A V E R A L Y O P A L E S C E N T P V H S H   ...

Stabby the Unicorn by Charlotte Reiber

Stabby the Unicorn: Origins Confirmed

Halli Conom, Reporter, Managing Editor February 11, 2022

You know him, you love him; folks, give it up for Stabby the Unicorn. While the comic strip  has yet to take the school by storm, @therealstabbytheunicorn on Instagram is releasing (as will be

Walking the Line

Phebe Emmanuel , Reporter, Poet, Copy Editor February 11, 2022

Maami My mother Sings in a tongue I knew but Along this journey  Of walking the line between  One too many worlds  Have forgotten Its hold on me  Never fading   Always...

Perfect Imperfections

Joseph Riggio, Reporter, Poet February 11, 2022

Some are deaf and hear the world. Some are blind and see the future. Some are crippled and walk 'till the end. Others are religious and commit every sin.   Some are weak and lend a...

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