Student Resolutions for 2021


A pie chart showing the distributions of different types of resolutions based on a Catamount survey.

We all know 2020 was pretty much the worst year ever. . . but what about 2021? We may have kicked off the year with a few rocky starts but that doesn’t mean the rest of it has to be worse. 2020 is officially behind us, (hopefully) gone forever and fed to future history books for entertainment. In an effort to bring some hope to these bleak quarantine times, let’s start small and celebrate some little resolutions!

Note: a resolution is a promise to do something different in the upcoming year. They are often goals or steps taken to better one’s self or surroundings.

  1. Resolution: My goal is to not fail any classes to become healthier mentally and prepare for college a lot. grasp and maintain responsibility
  2. Resolution: I am going to try to pay more attention in class and make sure to manage my time better
  3. Resolution: To have a better attitude and pay more attention because with online school it’s really hard to pay attention, I feel like we probably haven’t learned anything, to be honest
  4. Resolution: My main resolution for this year is to start practising self-love more often because I have kind of low self-esteem and feel like it’s time for a change in that 🙂
  5. Resolution: Improve my sleep schedule
  6. Resolution: I became vegetarian but I want to become more confident and build my self-esteem
  7. Resolution: I have many goals for 2021, a book that holds them actually. a few of which include “get a 4.0 in semester 2” and “bring 2 new friends to youth group”
  8. Resolution: Drink more water: hydration is extremely important for health and well-being. Work on mindfulness: focus more on the present and how I am feeling each day, work to lessen stress and worry
  9. Resolution: See my boyfriend more than once because he is not able to leave the house and I’m not allowed to go to his until the vaccine is out.
  10. Resolution: Become a streamer!
  11. Resolution: I wanna perform an epic guitar solo because that sounds awesome, and I wanna get the lead in a school play because that also sounds awesome.
  12. Resolution: Hopefully, get to travel
  13. Resolution: I’m trying to become more independent and also introduce stability into my schedule.
  14. Resolution: Be able to try to go down to Arizona to meet my girlfriend for the first time
  15. Resolution: Be awesome!!!!!!!
  16. Resolution: work on my sleep schedule because it’s gotten too bad
  17. Resolution: Eat Healthier, Maintain above a C average in all of my classes, Be nicer to my brother 😅
  18. Resolution: go back to real school and make new friends 
  19. Resolution: I am looking forward to taking the next step towards college as well as completing my senior year strong with a good GPA and taking more time in self-care. I am oftentimes very stressed out and overworked with assignments. 
  20. Resolution: my planner and journal more to keep things on track with my busy schedule
  21. Resolution: To become superman
  22. Resolution: My resolutions/goals for 2021 are to eat healthier and workout more. I choose these resolutions because I want to become a healthier and fit person
  23. Resolution: Um, to get through school really. To stay on top of homework, since it could slip at any moment. To finish NGN club stuff, it can get really stressful.
  24. Resolution: graduate!!
  25. Resolution: Wake up earlier and get ready for school, reach out and communicate with teachers more
  26. Resolution: For the gyms to open and use them
  27. Resolution: To lose weight and get good grades 
  28. Resolution: Watch less tv and read for my mental health.
  29. Resolution: try new things and to stop letting myself not go at something because someone else has done it better
  30. Resolution: Make varsity baseball
  31. Resolution: To be more outgoing because so far I have spent pretty much most of my time in high school in my own bubble because I’m too afraid to interact with people as I have a strong fear of being judged which caused me to lose a lot of opportunities 
  32. Resolution: Get 1500 hours on vrchat
  33. Resolution: I want to keep up me bullet journaling 
  34. Resolution: To read more books, because I want to gain more perspective on our world
  35. Resolution: Improve my soccer skills! I’ve not practised mostly since the lockdown.
  36. Resolution: I want to beat Zelda botw (I’m almost done). And be able to rip an apple in half with my bare hands really fast (I can do it in 1 minute 46 seconds).
  37. Resolution: Completing my homework and I hope math and history teachers don’t give out  lots of homework EVERY class, very stressful 
  38. Resolution: Get back into school and really focus and do my work
  39. Resolution: To become less willing to just hand over help to anyone so people don’t take advantage
  40. Resolution: To finish the school year strong because as a senior it’s frustrating not being in school
  41. Resolution: Read more, 6 min mile
  42. Resolution: make JV soccer team
  43. Resolution: To be more on top of school and to work on my mental health.
  44. Resolution: Not complaining about stuff and fixing the problem, I think I would be happy to fix the problems 
  45. Resolution: I’d like to learn Chinese
  46. Resolution: To be better at video games
  47. Resolution: To take care of my mental health and reach out to friends. 🙂
  48. Resolution: To at least finish a new book
  49. Resolution: To finish the year with all good grades, to do well in school, to not be overwhelmed or too stressed out by school, to continue to stay at home and be safe, to not get covid.
  50. Resolution: I want to improve in Softball and come back from my surgery even stronger than I was before.
  51. Resolution: I just wanna make it through this year and not fail, hopefully, find myself as well
  52. Resolution: hopefully, get the vaccine and go back to school, also get my drivers license
  53. Resolution: Don’t do homework on Sundays for religious reasons. 
  54. Resolution: I want to go well in school and hopefully start working as a lifeguard this summer
  55. Resolution: Become a good baseball player
  56. Resolution: One of my goals is to be more active and eat healthier because now during quarantine I think it’s especially important to take care of my body. My second goal is to wake up earlier in the mornings and take time to meditate in the mornings because aside from taking care of my body I also want to take better care of my mental health.
  57. Resolution: drink water
  58. Resolution: get a job and learn how to drive
  59. Resolution: More school surveys that feature various fast food items
  60. Resolution: To just stay more focused a little on school and stay organized, because I easily overwhelm myself and procrastinate

Good luck with your resolutions Cougs!

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