Christmas Folklore

Mary Conaway, News Editor

Around the world, Santa Claus comes in many different forms; from murderous and evil to the cookie-loving man in a red suit. A fun way to change up your usual “A Night Before Christmas” is through looking at stories that take a whole new perspective on Santa Claus.

One folklore from Germany is the popular tale of Krampus. According to Huffington Post, “the half-demon, half-goat creature punishes bad children by beating them with a bundle of birch sticks. Then, he hauls them off in a basket on his back.” Many celebrate the “arrival of Krampus” in festivals and parades.

Ever wondered about where Santa keeps his coal? Well as it turns out the French have an answer, Santa doesn’t bring coal, he brings Père Fouettard and he gives out the coal to the children on the naughty list. But that’s not all, according to the website Odyssey Online, “…legend claims that he brings a whip with him to spank the children on the Naughty List. The name Père Fouettard translates to ‘Whipping Father.’”

Another creepy Christmas folklore is the Icelandic tale of Grýa. Her 13 sons, the Yule Lads, who according to EMGN, take turns visiting kids 13 days before christmas and leave a gift or a rotten potato. Then on Christmas Grýa kidnaps the naughty children and eats them.

Getting some new perspectives of the Santa is a fun way to change up your usual holiday routine.


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