The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Heard it through the grapevine

Rebecca Del La Torre, Reporter May 13, 2019

I personally don't think Bothell High is a racist school; in fact, I think this school is pretty diverse and hospitable. I have experienced racial comments here at Bothell High, but nothing else other...

Racism’s effect on students

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter May 13, 2019

In a hateful world already geared against them, minority students face even more racism and hostility at school. Racism in schools can impact students mentally, physically, and socially. Racism occurs...

Raisin’ kids on racism

Téa Schmid and Bianca Geib May 13, 2019

All teachers in our district receive diversity and equity training, to understand how diverse cultures, backgrounds, races, and religions impact student performance. In the Northshore district specifically,...

The thorny joke

Michael Marquess, Cover Editor, Co-Art Editor May 13, 2019

“Careful with that dog! Don’t eat it.” “Hello Tech-Support, can you fix my computer?” They stand there waiting, waiting for that laugh. Nervous eyes flit back and forth, waiting to see who cracks...

Weeds in the garden

Téa Schmid, Design Editor May 13, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, Roosevelt High School published an issue of their newspaper which had a racially charged cartoon on the cover. The image was of a black man wearing a beanie and baggy clothes...

Harry Tracy

Téa Schmid, Design Editor April 3, 2019

Back in the late 1800s to early 1900s there lived an outlaw named Harry Tracy. Tracy was from Vancouver, Washington. He engaged in many criminal activities, including murder. While on the run from police...

AliveAliveAlive Origins

Kailani Jackson, Co-Editor in Chief April 3, 2019

Since the beginning of this town, citizens of Bothell have been proclaiming their assured place in the American Frontier.  The first Bothellite really made roots around 1885, and as the settlers rapidly...


Levi Gettleman, A&E Editor March 22, 2019

Chanukah is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the winter for eight days, starting on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev. This year, Chanukah began on December 2nd. The story of Chanukah takes place...

Christmas Folklore

Mary Conaway, News Editor March 22, 2019

Around the world, Santa Claus comes in many different forms; from murderous and evil to the cookie-loving man in a red suit. A fun way to change up your usual “A Night Before Christmas” is through...

Why Coal

Téa Schmid, Design Editor March 22, 2019

The legend of the jolly old man who brings presents every Christmas Eve has been around for centuries. There are many pieces of this story that everybody knows -— Santa wears a red coat, he drives a...

Christmas before Coca-Cola

Bianca Geib, Forum Editor, Co-Online Editor March 22, 2019

When someone says “Santa Claus,” most people think of a jolly old man with white hair and a beard. That man is ‘plump’ and almost always wearing a red-and-white outfit. What some people don’t...


Levi Gettleman, A&E Editor March 22, 2019

In America, it is no secret that Kwanzaa is not the most widely-celebrated or well-known holidays of the winter season. According to, a study by the National Retail Foundation found that...

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