Controversial Elections

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

Last week, the midterm elections rocked the country. The entire House and one-third of the Senate were up for election, along with many gubernatorial and state legislature races. With the hundreds of elections going on, a few were very controversial.

A prominent example is the New Jersey senate race. The incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez was running against the Republican Bob Hugin. New Jersey is historically a very Democratic state, so the possibility of electing a Republican senator is very unlikely. However, Menendez has been under fire for multiple reasons, including federal corruption charges that resulted in a mistrial last year, says NBC news. He also accepted money from an ophthalmologist convicted of fraud in exchange for political favors, according to the New York Times. He had a mistrial last year, and it is possible he will be tried, indicted, and convicted within his term.

Another circumstance is the Florida Senate race. According to the initial reports by RealClearPolitics, Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson lost to Republican Rick Scott, but by a count of only about 15,000 votes. That said many votes are still being counted, so a true victor is undetermined. This margin is equivalent to .2% of the total number of votes, and any vote result in Florida with a margin under .5% of the total voters must have a recount.

One additional race is the Georgia governor race. Much like Florida, the vote is much too close to call. Not only that, but judges from the federal level have called for a review of all ballots according to USA Today. As of now, Republican Brian Kemp holds the majority, but allegations of voter suppression and review of incoming ballots may shift the vote in favor of Democrat Stacey Abrams.

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