Is it worth it?

Are consumers spending too much money for Halloween?

Sanjana Chava, Feature Editor

With the arrival of the Fall season, so comes the traditions of Halloween. From extravagant costumes to the abundance of candy, it breaks the question of how much does it all cost? Consumers spend a lot of money on this holiday; they pay for the candy, costumes, decorations and even more if they are throwing a party. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, “Halloween retail spending will be $9 billion in 2018. It’s a little less than 2017’s record of $9.1 billion.

With so much money pouring out of consumers’ pockets no wonder advertisers take advantage of Halloween. Apparently, around 90% of Americans buy candy for Halloween (NRF). The social pressure of buying candy for “trick-or-treaters” also pushes many people to spend a great deal of money, especially those who live in larger communities.

Around 75% of Americans spend money on costumes, which totals to $2.7 billion (NRF). Many families with kids will end up spending an excessive amount of money on expensive costumes for their kids and spend even more if they have more kids. They will also likely have to expend money for new costumes again and again each passing year, since kids can be demanding.

With all this money circulating around due to demand, no wonder Americans are spending billions of dollars on Halloween.