Who won Super Bowl LVII? Rihanna?! – Game Analysis


Image Credit: Sporting News Library


As the 56th Super Bowl comes to an end, the time comes to speculate and look back at what made Super Bowl LVII so great… or not (I was rooting for the Eagles 😕 ). The game was a battle of the Kelce’s, the halftime show was a comeback of the century, the commercials were packed with excitement, and the food was… well, food. But to deep dive into the world of football, the game concluded with a neck-and-neck 38-35, giving the better end of the stick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Diving into the two teams head-to-head in the Super Bowl, we first look into the Philadelphia Eagles, an extremely dominant team in the regular season of the Super Bowl as they lead on a triumphant record of 14-3 before the divisional round. The Eagles last won it back in 2017 and after 5 years, the golden opportunity knocked on their door again. Star players like Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, A. J. Brown, Jason Kelce, and Jordan Davis really got to shine during this season of the NFL but were just shy of victory.

On the other hand, led by MVP Patrick Mahomes; The Kansas City Chiefs were the true conquerors of Super Bowl LVII. The Chiefs also ended up with an outstanding record of 14-3 before the divisional round, with a recent trip and a win in the Super Bowl just a few years prior. The Chiefs have been the stomping force and leaders of the AFC division for years, and once again, they are able to achieve the spotlight they deserve. The team consists of star players like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Isaiah Pachecho, Chris Jones, and my personal favorite: JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The first quarter opened with the ball advantage to the Eagles and a nearly flawless progression to the end zone before a scary situation that halted the touchdown. Shortly after a defensive penalty put the Eagles up 7, Mahomes would start to take the lead, firing shots to the unstoppable Travis Kelce and covering ranges with swift runs from Pachecho. The 7-7 stalemate stood for long until it looked like the Eagles finally took control of the situation and powered in another touchdown, being able to capture the ball yet again as the Chiefs’ offense were unable to make an impact. But this moment of control didn’t stand for long, as a spectacular push of pressure on Jalen Hurts threw the ball into a fumble, giving the opportunity for Nick Bolton to score a defensive touchdown after such an amazing scrimmage.

The Eagles weren’t done just yet as they made a rampaging effort to break the equalizer and settle a solid lead of 24-14 after a controversial incomplete 32-yard pass prevented the Eagles from going any further. The Chiefs trail on in the 2nd half of the game as they issue a comeback. As the 3rd quarter nears an end, the Eagles have to yet again meet with a field goal to preserve their lead as the Chiefs’ defense really proves their dominance. This is where things get tight and tense as the 4th quarter tends to become anyone’s game. The Chiefs are able to establish a lot of immediate play pressure on their opponents after a tremendous punt return by Kadarius Toney puts the Chiefs at a nearly jarring takeover.

The 5-minute mark of the 4th quarter reels in as the score is tied with a remarkable 35-35 after a successful 2-point conversion by Hurts. These are the longest and most stressful 5 minutes, but over time, the Chiefs are able to maintain the ball throughout the entire drive…

Finally, it is game over after a long drive ends with a 3-point field goal lead and a failed attempt by the Eagles to steal the win with 6 seconds remaining. The final score of 38-35 was a sad way to see things end, but awards a well-deserved victory to the reigning, undisputed, national football league champions of Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs, after an incredibly thrilling matchup.