Sports of the Season – Winter time!


Image Credit: Bothell Athletics


As Fall closes, Winter sports are starting to take action in Bothell’s athletics department, if not already! They can participate in Basketball, Wrestling, Swim and Dive, Gymnastics, and Unified Bowling.

Basketball: This popular and vigorous sport played by the boys’ and girls’ teams of BHS, is coached by R. Bollinger and L. Johnson (respectively). The teams look to dominate the court and make a name for themselves. Playing in this highly competitive sport engages and challenges players and grows their teamwork and awareness skills.

Wrestling: Wrestling is a head-to-head battle full of strength, perseverance, and endurance, in which students take on the mat to outlast their opponent. In wrestling, your weight class determines the training, weight management, and opponents you’ll face. Coach Labrash takes the team to matches and tournaments in this physical sport.

Swim & Dive: Coach Schulz and Crowe for the swim team, and Shelton for the dive team, lead their teams to perfect the art of swimming, build high stamina, and gear up for the meets! Students either aim to race the clock or perform acrobatics while diving, climbing the leaderboards, and capturing the win for BHS.

Gymnastics: The high-flying and anaerobic sport is truly spectacular to see and participate in. Trained by Coach Roark, athletes perform individually or as part of a team, featuring in competitions and BHS events too! Gymnastics showcases the unique and stunning talents of the students in Bothell High with their flexibility and balance skills.

Unified Bowling: A very unique sport that revolves around giving opportunities and having lots of fun that welcomes all students! Students with and without intellectual disabilities partner up to take on the precision-centered challenge of bowling. Coach Leland offers this exciting opportunity of Special Olympics bowling free of charge.