When Do You Start Listening to Christmas Music?

Image Credit: Lydia Townsend


When fall finishes and winter creeps upon us, Christmas is a crucial part of winter celebrations. As we get into winter, we want to get festive! Getting a tree, decorating around, putting up lights, and, most importantly, music. But when do we start listening to Christmas music? I asked people, and here are the results.


The most popularly voted time of year was starting Christmas music on Black Friday/ Thanksgiving. In my opinion, that is the best time to get festive and start getting that Christmas music started; it is the perfect time to do so because you have time to acknowledge Thanksgiving, and it’s finally time to do everything Christmas.


There was a tie between the beginning of November and the beginning of December. These people are similar but different. We have the people who skip over Thanksgiving and the people who think it is only acceptable to start listening to Christmas music in December. Now, my brother is a person who specifically only listens to Christmas music starting on December 1st. I had experienced his stubborn ways when I was on a road trip with him. We were just coming back from visiting family for Thanksgiving, and his words on the way home were: “There is only two more days left till December dont turn on the Christmas music till then. I will do whatever I need to to have that happen.” I have no idea if other people are like this, or if this is just my brother..


Anyways! The last placer that actually had votes pains me, and really in my opinion is just a stab in the heart, but people actually listen to Christmas music before Halloween!! I personally love Halloween, so this devastated me when I found out a couple of my friends just skip over Halloween, along with Thanksgiving, and go straight to Christmas. 


That seems to be it! No matter when you start listening to Christmas music, it is a time to spend time with the people you love and care about, to get together and celebrate, even if they listen to Christmas music before Halloween. I’m curious to see when you guys start listening to Christmas music. What do you think is the right time to start listening? I personally think after Thanksgiving, but you could be like my brother who specifically listens to it at the start of December.