How Many BHS Students Know The Beatles?


Courtesy of – iHeart

Are The Beatles outdated? Personally, I’m a huge fan of The Beatles. If you know me, I am constantly talking about them and dressed like I’m on my way to see one of their concerts. But given that I’m the only person who dresses like one of The Beatles wives, I asked students around BHS how much they knew about the band and if they considered themselves a fan.

The Beatles are the most popular band in history, during the 1960s they dominated the music world and created a worldwide fan base that is still very prevalent today. When The Beatles were in their prime, there was a large number of teengers who went completely berserk for the four guys. At their concerts, young girls would faint, cry and scream just to get one look at them. Just how much has this infatuation changed and faded in the last 60 years?

I asked various students a few questions, and I gathered that most teenagers today have heard of the band but wouldn’t call themselves fans. Only 2 students that were surveyed said that they were big fans, and The Beatles were big parts of their lives.

So if they don’t listen to The Beatles, what do they listen to? Out of the 10 people that I surveyed, 5 said that Harry Styles is their favorite musical artist, 2 said that Taylor Swift is and 3 said they listen to rap artists only. 

One thing I noticed about BHS students’ love for their favorite artists is that they were much more low-key about it than fans were about The Beatles. Sure, people are obsessed with Harry Styles but no one was outright screaming, crying and fainting over a picture of him. Why did teenagers go so  crazy over The Beatles? 

I believe that the reason that The Beatles gained so much traction is because they were a huge part of the birth of rock and roll. Elvis was old news by 1964 and an English boy-band was about to sweep the world off its feet. 

To answer my original question, perhaps The Beatles are just a boy band from 60 years ago. But that boy band is the reason some of your favorite musical artists are here today. Billie Eilish? Yeah, her favorite band is The Beatles.