A Taste of Seattle


Seattle is a bustling city, with many restaurants and hole-in-the-walls throughout. These places have food coming from a variety of cultures and have earned their spots among students and teachers alike as their favorites. However, the most popular type of restaurant both students and teachers prefer to visit when in the city are Thai restaurants. Jayden Sheetz (‘24) personally suggests Manao Thai Street Eats, which is located in Capitol Hill. “It’s not too far from Bothell and is good for takeout,” Jayden says. Similarly, Aaron Mamula (‘24) also recommends a Thai themed restaurant called, “Kin Len Thai Night Bites,” located in Capitol Hill. Aaron says, “it’s a really nice restaurant to try when you’re in Seattle.”


Thai restaurants seem to be the most popular among students, but there are also other places that students AND teachers suggested in the Seattle area. Some of these spots include restaurants in Chinatown like “Dochi”, a donut store that offers its unique style when it comes to its food. Continuing the sweet food trend, Ivan Labovich (‘24) recommends the Japanese sweets store, “Nana’s Green Tea” which serves not just green tea, but also, “has some really nice curry for lunch and pastries for dessert,” Ivan explains. However, if you’re looking for something that isn’t sweet, but rather savory, Jayden also suggests “Palermo” which has nice Italian themed meals to enjoy. These are just a few places out of many that Seattle has to offer, and if you ever find yourself in Seattle sometime, give these restaurants a try!