Review: A Whole Lotta Red


Whole Lotta Red Cover. Picture by SOHH

Hello Bothell students. Popular rapper PLayboi Carti released his anticipated album WLR on December 25, 2020. After hearing the reviews and memes about this album I’ve decided to review the songs on this album.

Track 1- Rockstar Made, 5/10. Pros: It had a good beat and got me bobbing my head for a while, the autotune was on point and fit really well for the beat. Cons: “Never too much” hook got really repetitive. There was a part of the song where Carti goes off beat, which honestly ruined the song for me. Overall the track was a mediocre opening to the album. 

Track 2- Go2DaMoon (FT Kanye West) 5/10. Pros: Again the beat carried, Kanye’s verse was alright, big props because the Carti verse was really short. Cons: Carti’s verse was really short and it didn’t really leave a mark on the song, overall disappointing song. 

Track 3- Stop Breathing-8/10. Pros: the distortion of the beat was honesty fire, around 2.20 as timestamp in the song the ad libs created such a big hype that made the song a complete bop. Cons: some of the parts, Carti’s voice sounds awkward- not really a major factor. Overall this song is good. 

Track 4- Beno! 6/10. Pros: good verse, the flow of the verses made the beat bearable. Cons: beat was terrible and had a Lil Uzi type vibe, but honestly the way the sounds execute, makes it sound like it was done in less than a day. The verse wasn’t anything major either: it felt like it was building up but it was underwhelming. Overall the song was decent.

 Track 5- Jump out The House 3/10. Pros: beat was repetitive but in a good way because it delivered on the hype part. Cons: The verses were terrible, you were barely able to understand what Carti was saying, and the song was pretty short. Overall this song is complete garbage.

 Track 6- M3tamphosis 6/10. Pros: Beat was addictive/the hooks were so bad they were good, Cudi verse was short but It carried the song in my opinion. Cons: Carti’s verses were so mediocre I considered cleansing my ears, there were so many parts where Carti tried to make a rockstar vibe but failed hard. Overall this song was decent.

Track 7 – Slay3r, 3/10. Pros: had consistent flow but weak delivery. Cons: beat was trash, made the song very generic, the ad libs were weak, hype level on this song was a 0. Overall a trash song.

Track 8- No SL33p 6/10. Pros: ad libs were on point when the hook repeats, the hook on this song was catchy, so was the beat. Cons: short song but what made it a bit worse was the repetitiveness of this song, weak build-up to a mediocre verse. Overall decent song. 

Track 9-New Tank 4/10. Pros: Nice flow on the song, catchy hooks, good beat on the song as well. Cons: 1.01 Carti changes his flow but the delivery was trash and made the whole sound awkward. Overall mediocre song. 

Track 10- Teen X 0/10. Cons: Future verse was complete garbage, as well as Carti’s, the whole song was a repeat of the same lyrics, the hook was bad, the autotune on Carti’s voice makes the audio sound like a meme rather than a song. Overall a song that makes me want to cleanse my ears. 

Track 11- Meh, 2/10. Pros: Nice beat, it carried the song because Carti’s verses were not it. Cons: same problem with the Teen X, autotune makes Carti’s voice sound awkward, he slows down his flow but it sounds bad. Overall mediocre song. 

Track 12- Vamp Anthem, 4/10. Pros: Fire beat, my props to the producer because this beat carried the entire song. Cons: Had a nice start but then flowed down to complete nonsense, just had no hype on those bars. Overall nice beat but mediocre verses. 

Track 13- New N3on, 5/10. Pros: eat carries had a nice tone, the flow was constantly on point. A good thing about this song is that it’s short which doesn’t drag the song too much. Cons: Trash delivery, repetitive verse. Overall decent song. 

Track 14- Control 7/10. Pros: Nice change of style of beat, nice hook matched well with the beat. Cons: Could’ve said more bars to make this 10/10 but overall it’s a good song.

Track 15- Punk Monk 2/10.Cons: weak delivery, trash verses, weak beat. Overall not a good song.

Track 16- On That Time 4/10. Pros: Nice flow, verses carried the song. Cons: Bad beat, very distorted.

Track 17- King Vamp 3/10. Pros: ad libs were good. Cons: Weak delivery on hype bars, trash beat, 1.25 was honestly meme-like. Overall pretty trash song. 

Track 18- Place. 2/10. Pros: nice flow. Cons: energy was not there, as well as the beat. Overall mediocre song. 

Track 19- Sky,6/10. Pros: Had a nice smooth beat, with some bars as well. Honestly consistent bars. Cons: Weak energy. That’s it other than weak ad libs. Overall decent song.

Track 20- Over, 7/10: Pros: Nice smooth one of songs you’d chill out with, the flow was on beat which made the song better. Cons: Weak bars, mediocre ad libs. Overall good song. 

Track 21- ILoveUIHateU, 6/10. Pros: Nice beat to fit the tone of the song. Cons: Weak energy on this song. Overall a good song but the energy was not there.

Track 22- Die4Guy, 2/10. Cons: This song was not on, beat wise and verse wise, my criticism of this song is that it’s very generic. 

Track 23-Not Playing 9/10. Pros: Nice beat, the flow was fire and bars were there. Reminds me of a lot of Yessirskiii by Lil UZI & 21 Savage. Overall fire song. 

Track24- F33l Lik3 Dyin, 6/10. Pros: Nice sample or vocal in the background. Started off with a strong verse. The beat was fire, too. Cons: Awkward vocal parts. Autotune ruins the rawness of this song. Overall decent song.

That wraps my review. My thoughts? Very underwhelming album: had a good couple of songs, but the problem with this album is the inconsistent use of autotune made a lot of songs sound unprofessional. My biggest props are to the producers, very fire beats and carried the songs a lot. I rate this album 6/10.

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