Halloween amid COVID-19


Photo credit: Emma Conklin

Halloween this year looked quite different, as everything else does during this unpredictable year. But in the midst of these unprecedented times, it seemed that we could still find ways to celebrate this spooky holiday.

A man in Ohio has found a way to deliver traditional Halloween goodies through something that he calls the “Candy Chute”. According to CNN and WBNS 10TV, Andrew Beattie has devised a clever way to deliver the goods as well as keeping that six-feet distance. “He grabbed a six-by-four shipping tube, spray painted it orange and added some duct tape.” It’s a cost-efficient way to keep the Halloween spirit present and the COVID-19 spirit at bay.

Bothell students are also finding that COVID-19 has also affected their celebration of this usual festive holiday. Aurelia Stokke (‘24) had noticed that “Everyone in the neighborhood had turned off all their lights because they didn’t want any trick or treaters.” Her family had stayed indoors this year instead of venturing out along with a few other Bothell attendees. It’s seemingly varied how well others were following the guidelines during this spooky season. Emma Conklin (‘24) observed that “I think that people are pretty much following it here because we were the first state to go into lockdown.” But Sisi Canfield (‘24) had a different take on the rule-abiding question. “[People did] horribly!” she said. “The people did not really care. Probably because they were all family.”

Walker Lamb (‘24) stated that you should “wear a mask, stay inside. If you stay inside, It’s a lot safer” along with Stokke who said, “It could be fun, if you, like, just bought candy from the store and ate it with your family and watched a Halloween movie.”

From the view of a Bothell teacher, Ms. Jolene Conklin has also evaluated the number of cases beginning to climb once again and doesn’t see us heading back into the school building this semester. “I don’t, unfortunately, see us going into school this semester as the numbers are going up.” Based on this and what other Bothell students had to say about this holiday, how do you think our community is going about this pandemic, and do you think that safety awareness has been noted, or are people just ignoring it?

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