Club Spotlight: Key Club


Tori Evans, Reporter

Do you enjoy giving back to your local community? Key Club may be the club for you! Key Club is a group here at Bothell focused on volunteering and community service. Led by advisor Mr. Gault and co-presidents Ananya Kumar and Alice Standley, the club is part of the international and student-lead Key Club organization. The organization’s core values are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness. For activities the club engages in, Ananya Kumar (‘21)  states “members actively give back to the community at Bothell by volunteering… and engage in community-building activities to build connections with their peers and other community members,”. The changes caused due to the pandemic have not slowed Key Club down; Kumar assures there are still many “Covid-safe options available this year,” to participate in community service. 

A $20 club fee is required to become an official member of the organization, but this can be covered for those facing financial difficulties. Most importantly, you must be willing and enthusiastic about helping your community. To those interested in joining, Kumar welcomes all, saying “ We have worked really hard this year to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Key Club is a GREAT place to meet new people, make new friends, all while helping your community! We are ready to tackle the year head on and make the best of this year!”. If you would like to learn more about Key Club, contact advisor Mr.Gault at [email protected] or check out their instagram, @bothellkeyclub.

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