Feel the beat of BHS!


BHS marching band Fall of 2018

Halli Conom, Reporter

For decades, Bothell High School has been a musically gifted school – like much of our district. BHS has a wide range of talents, and our music programs are no exception. An estimated 30% of students are recognised as musicians. With outstanding programs and students, Covid19 doesn’t stand a chance… or does it?

According to staff and student input, online classes are much more challenging to navigate this year, stemming from a multitude of technical problems. If core classes are struggling, then performing arts classes must be even worse.

Thomas Hardisty (‘22), distinguished junior musician, states, “It’s definitely not preferable but the ways we get around it are most effective in keeping everyone engaged.”

It appears that though there is a definite barrier through technology, music classes are functioning well despite all odds being stacked against them as a few teachers have noted. Band, orchestra, and choir have all found ways to adapt and overcome these new challenges of online learning. 

“In band, we do daily warm-ups, listen to videos, and do lots of practice,” Senior drum major Skylar McDavid (‘21) says. “It’s an unfortunate circumstance — and we had a bit of an unorganised start — but we do our best to make everyone feel included and comfortable within our band community.”

BHS band has been a great program, growing with each passing year. From livening up football games and pep rallies to performing at state concert competitions, the band never has a dull moment.

As online classes progress, Phillip Dean, band director, has implemented creative forms of performance, encouraging student participation through recordings, sectional face-times and active listening. The band continues to march on and looks forward to a great pep season in the Spring (hopefully).

Much like band, choir has made adjustments to their routines as well, with Taylor Iverson leading the charge. 

“Although the choir is much different this year, Ms Iverson and the rest of the community are doing an amazing job to make the class feel as normal as possible,” Junior choir council member Aniston McTyre (‘22) praises.“We do stretches, warm-ups, and lots of sight-reading, and it still feels like we’re all working together even online. We spend lots of time building our community, with talking and laughing and having normal conversations between friends. And though it’s all online, choir is still my favourite class.”

Bothell choir has an impeccable ability to bring students together, and online classes aren’t changing that. Classes are still filled with fun, music, and community, and there really is no closer family like the choir groups. Iverson has provided out-of-the-box exercises to keep the singing flowing, including sing-alongs, recordings and lots of virtual practice. 

There seems to be no limit to what our music programs can achieve, and not even Covid19 can stop them. Bothell High School continues to play on, and with the hundreds of kids in music, Covid19 just can’t stop the beat!