Fun Things to do with your Friends

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter


With all of us stuck inside our homes for what feels like an eternity, we’re all yearning to go back before the time of a global pandemic, where going out and spending time with friends was something we took for granted. Being in quarantine has left many of us feeling bored and isolated. To remedy such feelings, here is a list of fun things you can do on the internet (playing the games while facetiming friends is 100x better):


  1. Play Remote Insensitivity. It’s a virtual card game made by playing It’s similar to card games like Apples to Apples or Cards of Humanity. This game is guaranteed to have everyone rolling around on the floor laughing!
  2. It’s basically pictionary, but online. You can play in randomized groups with people across the globe or you can make private groups for friends to play in. 
  3. Truth or Dare. Usually a staple to sleepovers and parties, this game has proven to be a great game to play with your friends in isolation.
  4. Talk to strangers on Omegle. Now be warned: NEVER GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION WHATSOEVER ON CHAT SITES AND BE CAREFUL. Omegle text chats are usually monitored and it’s a great way to talk to other people and get to know of experiences all across the globe, especially during a pandemic.
  5. Cool Math Games. A classic elementary activity has risen again as the perfect way to waste some time. Papa’s Pizzeria anyone?
  6. .io games. In general .io games are realtime, multiplayer games, so a quick search on the web will yield many results for you and your friends to play. 


If you have gotten tired of staring at screens, then here’s another list of activities you can do with your friends (virtually of course):


  1. Have a cooking competition. You can do it in real time while facetiming or just upload pictures of your creations onto a group chat. Though you won’t be able to taste other’s creations, you can award points for presentation and creativity.
  2. Have a painting party. Tap into your creative side and make some art. Not only is this activity fun  and relaxing, it’s a way you can be a part of our community. You can paint rocks and hide them all over the Bothell community for others to find (#Bothell Rocks).
  3. Have a virtual dance party. With annual school dances like TOLO and prom not happening, the best alternative is a virtual dance party with your friends. Start a video call, put on some music and jam out (an added bonus is you can pick whatever music you want, unlike school dances).
  4. Study together. In the time of online school, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do homework and study. A way around this can be doing homework with your friends. You can quiz each other, give feedback, and get work done efficiently.


While being in quarantine is hard, there are so many ways to keep busy and connect with others. Remember, if we self isolate now, we may not have to later. Keep social distancing and washing your hands y’all!

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