Reviewing “Breakthrough”

A review of one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Audrey Rainwater, Co-Art Editor

 On April 17th, an American Christian film called “Breakthrough came to the big screen. Breakthrough is based on a true story back in January 2015 when a Missouri teenager named John Smith (Marcel Ruiz) fell through a frozen lake and was thought to be dead after being submerged for 15 minutes. After all hope was lost, his adoptive mother Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) refused to give up; she inspired all those around her to help pray for John as he lay lifeless in the hospital for nearly an hour. Finally his mother’s prayers brought him back to life.

          The movie was very emotional; it was sad, happy and interesting all together. The actors and actresses did a really good job of showing emotion. The two best parts were when John fell through the lake, and when he woke up after, both of those two separate parts were the most dramatic and were sure to have the audience staring at the screen.  

         “Breakthrough” is an example of religious broadcasting as the mother was a Christian, praying for John’s recovery. Another example that “Breakthrough” provides is that religious broadcasting only shows family content that is acceptable. Breakthrough reminds others that love, faith and hope can create miracles.