Unsung heroes of Bothell High School

Here’s to BHS’ outstanding students in band, orchestra, choir, and theater tech!

Kyle Telnes

In search of someone who deserved a spotlight in the orchestra, there was one name that came up again and again. Hardworking and talented, Kyle Telnes (19’) is a rising star in Orchestra.

Telnes is a senior, and principal cello in Bothell High School’s Chamber Orchestra. He started playing in the fourth grade, joining the elementary school level orchestra. Though he joined in elementary school, he says that he really only got interested in music in junior high, when they started playing “cooler music”. He says that he loves learning about music and the pieces he gets to play. When asked about what keeps him motivated to do his absolute best every day, he says that “setting an example for the rest of the orchestra is a big part of it . . . and it’s like, in music, there’s a certain expectation for musicians to be prepared (everyday)”.

Mr. Trevor McNamara, the orchestra teacher, praises Telnes on his dedication and commitment to music, “both in and out of orchestra class”. He talks about how Telnes “is always prepared with the music we are working on, and provides strong leadership in the chamber orchestra.” Kyle is very helpful and helps his classmates be better musicians, and is overall a great leader. Though he is apparently soft spoken, “ He takes what he does seriously and . . . will offer ideas and suggestions about how to improve the music played by the chamber orchestra”. With a great attitude in class every day and a passion for music and working hard, Kyle Telnes is one of the best musicians at Bothell!


Aya Long

Considered the backbone of the theatre, technicians make everything happen during a show, from the set to the lights and sound.  Aya Long (‘22) is no exception as a hard working, dedicated technician for the Bothell Theatre program.

Although this is her first year as a technician, Long has risen above every challenge and excelled in making the behind-the-scenes theatre magic a reality.

Long has been the lighting technician and lighting board operator for both “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Mary Poppins.” Additionally, she has taken the technical theatre class twice, both semesters this year, to help with set construction.

When asked why she enjoys teching, Long explains that she “enjoy[s] being able to help out and seeing that [her] efforts go into creating an amazing production everytime.”

Everyone who has had the gift of working with Long describes her strong work ethic, natural leadership, organization, and quick ability to learn.

According to Haydn Gabbard (‘19), a member of the technical theatre class and a dedicated actor at Bothell, “Aya is only a freshman and already knows more than everyone else in the tech class. She is also a really great friend and a good person.”

Ms. Heidi Jensen, the long-term substitute drama director, raves that “Aya is the calm in the eye of the storm; in complete chaos, she is calm and collected.”

So the next time you come to see a Bothell Drama show, don’t forget to look up to the lighting booth and give a wave to the wizard of the light board, Aya Long.


Thais Riberio

Admired by all of her peers and adults in Bothell Choir, Thais Ribeiro (‘20) is a shining example of hard work, choral talent, and compassion.

Ribeiro has been singing since she was five years old, and immediately fell in love with music. She explains that she has always loved getting to “bring laughter and smiles” to audiences and her fellow performers.

In regards to Bothell High School Choir, Ribeiro shares that “I just like that we get to create family and a safe place to be myself…. It’s super fun. I love having a place where I don’t have to worry about anything.”

When asked who deserved to be spotlighted in her choirs, Ms. Taylor Iverson exclaimed without a moment of hesitation that “Thais is kind, caring, positive, motivated; she truly exemplifies everything that the Bothell High School Choir program strives to be.”

According to Mia Johnson (‘20), one of Ribeiro’s colleagues in Chamber choir, “Thais is a really good leader. She’s really supportive of everyone, yet also knows how to step back–a sign of a good leader.”

Ribeiro is a wonderful member of Bothell High School choir and the greater BHS community, deserving of recognition for all of her dedication and leadership.


Thomas Elley

Thomas Elley (‘19) has been a part of band ever since he was in the fifth grade. Ever since the beginning, he’s been a dedicated part to the low brass section, playing the tuba in concert band and wind ensemble, and bass trombone in jazz band. Since his time in Bothell High School’s band program, he’s been an avid leader of the low brass section, putting together sectionals and leading his fellow marching band members through shorts rehearsals.

On top of being a vital part of Bothell High School’s wind ensemble, Elley has participated in the All-State orchestra. “He’s become one of the better leaders I’ve had in the band program since I’ve begun teaching here at Bothell,” says band director Phil Dean when asked about how he felt about Elley being selected for this title.

Elley enjoys “being able to have experiences with the people around him and being able to have a sense of community” most about band, and he says that his favourite moment was when Bothell High School’s jazz band received a standing ovation at a jazz festival in Spokane. He plans to continue his musical journey throughout college and possibly even consider it as a future career path.

So congratulations to Thomas Elley for being selected as the band representative in this Unsung Heroes section of the Catamount!

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