Dangers of cell phones

Is healthy living phoneless?

Audrey Rainwater, Co-Art Editor

Experts have long investigated in finding negative consequences about cell phones being harmful to a person’s health. Cell phones have been recognized as the most common distraction for drivers. It has been estimated by the National Safety Council that about 26% of all car collisions involve a cell phone. Motor Vehicle Safety says that the three types of distraction are looking away from the road, taking your hand off the wheel and not thinking about driving and using your phone while driving dangerously combines all three of those types.

To this day, scientists are still trying to conclude whether cell phones are dangerous to their users or not. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), microwave radiation from wireless objects such as cell phones which they are thinking could be dangerous for the phone user, putting them in a higher risk of getting diagnosed with cancer.

The California Department of Public Health says that there have not been many increased cancer risks involving cell phones, but to protect their health, people should keep in mind to give themselves a phone usage limit everyday and to put their phones away before going to bed.