World News Whiparound

Trump Administration against recent UN Human Rights declaration:
April 2019 negotiations regarding revisions to a United Nations human rights doctrine have run into a roadblock as the Trump administration refuses to continue in the agreement if sexual violence is seem as a weapon of war. According to The Guardian, the White House is “refusing to agree to any UN documents that refer to sexual or reproductive health, on grounds that such language implies support for abortions. It has also opposed the use of the word “gender”, seeing it as a cover for liberal promotion of transgender rights.” The Human Rights Watch explains the restrictive and conservative step this is. “The resolution was ultimately adopted without any language on access, a victory for the Trump administration and a major blow to the global women’s rights movement.”

The Church of Notre Dame burns down:
On April 15th, Notre Dame de Paris caught fire likely due to a short circuit during renovations. The fire lasted 15 hours and resulted in the spire and central roof collapsing. Firefighters and civillian workers were able to save the majority of the relics and art pieces throughout the cathedral. French President Emmanuel Macron guaranteed the restoration of the cathedral, and over $1 billion has been raised worldwide, with over $700 million coming from the people of France. The cathedral will be completely restored with original source materials, which is estimated to take approximately 20 years. Many governments, leaders, and citizens of the world gave their condolences.
Sources: The New York Times, BBC News


Controversy surrounding Barr testimony:
Attorney General William Barr refused to appear at a House hearing for which he was subpoenaed as a result of the Mueller report. In his place sat a controversial box of KFC chicken courtesy of D-Michael Cohen. Democrats are holding Barr in contempt and calling for him to resign on basis of his perjury during the Russia probe, poor summary of the Mueller report, and refusal to follow federal laws as Attorney General. Still, Barr has stated that Mueller should testify despite President Trump’s adamant position: “No redos for the Dems!”
Sources: Washington Examiner, The New York Times, ABC News, NPR


Cyclone Kenneth rages in Mozambique:

A cyclone in Mozambique, Cyclone Kenneth, currently has a death toll of 38. The United Nations has responded by donating $13 million to assist the countries affected, Mozambique and Comoros. The UNm reported that at least 3,500 homes have been destroyed or partially destroyed in Comoros. Cyclone Kenneth is especially devastating because Mozambique is still in recovery from Cyclone Idai, which killed more than 600 people in March. It had also been the cause of a cholera epidemic that had completely wiped out the crops, which, according to the UN, forced “a million people to rely on food assistance to survive.” It has also been argued by meteorologist Eric Holthaus that the extreme intensity of the two cyclones can be related to global climate change and its current trends in rainfall intensity.
Sources: CNN, BBC, UN News, the Guardian