Nazis gather in Seattle

White supremacist propaganda resurfaces in Washington State

Nyla Libed, Copy Editor, Co-Online Editor

Long after the end of World War II, Nazism still resonates with some, who have been inspired to continue to spread this idea. For white nationalist groups, which are still present today, this has become a way of life, and is the centric viewpoint on their morals and values.

Patriot Front and Identity Evropa, which are a couple of said white nationalist groups, have made recent appearances in Washington, in the cities of Tacoma, Edmonds, West Seattle, and Bellevue.

They made their presence known with the spreading of propaganda flyers, as well as a couple of actual gatherings in public libraries in Seattle. The flyers have been posted around schools and more popularly visited public areas. “Better dead than red,” says one in big bold lettering, referring to communism in America. “Keep America American,” says another referring to the deportation of illegal immigrants.

The sudden appearance of these flyers, as well as the knowledge of an annual white supremacist gathering has caused considerable upset in the Washington community, as instances of this propaganda has risen in Washington State from 15 occurences to 44 occurences since last year, which is only a fraction of the 1,200 occurences nationwide, according to KUOW. “Absolutely disgusting,” comments user AG on a West Seattle blog about Identity Evropa flyers being posted around schools. “Hate is NOT WELCOME HERE.”

Reports say that the propaganda is mostly aimed at college students, although most of the incidents have been observed off-campus.