Spotlighting Bothell’s fearless leader

Sitting down with Mr. Juan Price to get to know him a little bit about him.

Sanjana Chava and Bianca Geib

Even though it’s his first year as Bothell High School’s principal, Mr. Juan Price is no newcomer to the school system. He has worked in different Washington school districts for greater than a decade, working in both administration and teaching positions. He has also worked to help build various curricula for the country.

Last year, he worked as one of our assistant principals. It was a surprise when Mr. Stewart announced his retirement, and after some reflection, Price thought “maybe it’s time. I’ve always had an itch to be a principal, and it was an opportunity. I thought ‘what better place to get started than at Bothell.’”

Before Mr. Price decided to work in school administration, he was a history teacher. When he was in school his favorite subject was history, and in college, he discovered his passion for teaching after being a camp counselor for international students during the summer at Eckler college, located St. Petersburg, Florida.

Here at Bothell, Price hopes “to make sure that the heart of our work is to support our kids and help them and allow them a voice.” He also thinks that Bothell has a “deep sense of pride” and that “the comraderies with student and staff makes Bothell unique.”

Price finds it hard to pick a specific characteristic of Bothell he likes since he loves so many things about Bothell. He did say, however, that he likes “ how we build community and at the same time we help continue the excellence we have here in terms of helping kids get where they wanna go.” Price also enjoys Blue Fridays, Cougar Madness and the parades.

Lastly, Mr. Price has no plan of working anywhere else anytime soon; he “plan[s] on being here and working and helping kids.” Students appreciate what he has done during his short two years here at Bothell High School, and thank him for the work that he does for our community.