BHS students recap Thespian festival

Elise Cogan, Levi Gettleman and Easton Harrel receive high scores from state.

Téa Schmid, Design Editor

March 14-16 was the Washington State Thespian Festival. The Bothell High School thespian troupe was able to attend. The festival took place at Central Washington University.

Before the festival takes place, students compete at the regional level in something called Individual Events (IEs). There are many different events a student can choose related to drama. For example, students can compete with monologue, duologue, or musical theater performances or present on different elements of the technical theater world.

Many Bothell students participated in this event. Three students scored the highest they could in their category: Elise Cogan (‘20) for her solo musical song performance and duo scene with Easton Harrel (‘20), who also qualified for his monologues, and Levi Gettleman (‘19) for his theater marketing presentation. All went to state for their event.

When asked about his experience performing at the festival, Harrel had a lot to say. “I felt like I was surrounded by such talented people who wanted to share their love of theatre just like I did.” Cogan was also thrilled with her experience. “It was like we were all just there to share the hard work we’ve done.”

Two student directed one-acts from Bothell performed as well: Tracks directed by Emma Schleppi (‘19) and Promposal: An Emotional Story written and directed by McKenzie Brunke (‘19.) “[The] experience was much better than I could have ever anticipated,” comments Schleppi.

Another very important part of the festival are the workshops. There are all different kinds of workshops ranging from how to pick a college for drama to West African dancing with Mama Yeye. “My favorite part of the trip was hearing the students come back at meal times and share about the workshops they went to,” says Leah Schleppi, the BHS Drama Booster President. “Seeing their enthusiasm for the variety of material they learned was inspiring and I appreciate how open they all were to new challenges and expanding their skills.”

Overall, the BHS thespian troupe had an unforgettable experience.