Athletes of the Month

Brooke and Jadon are working hard and reaching their goals.

Gabe Araujo, Co-Litterbox Editor

Brooke Davis (‘20) has been playing softball since she could walk. She enjoys hitting home runs, either in practice or in games. “This year is gonna be a home run year,” she comments. She’s very confident in her team, and for advice on how to hit home runs, she says you just have to watch the ball and hopefully hit it. Softball requires a diverse set of skills, including being quick on your feet and having good hand-eye coordination. She is very enthusiastic about softball, and hopes to continue playing throughout high school.

Jadon Taylor (‘21) has been playing soccer seriously since he was five. The sport runs in his family, and they passed the talent on to him. This talent is quite evident in his accomplishment of a 40 meter kick (almost half the soccer field!), directly into the goal. He saw that the keeper was distracted and further from the net, and took his chance. He didn’t know if he would make the goal, but he knew he had to try. The entire team was ecstatic with excitement at his excellent shot.  He has always had a passion for soccer, the sport that runs in his blood, and hopes to keep playing each season. Best of luck to any school who dares to challenge these two high energy teams who are bustling with activity and are well-practiced. Go Cougs!