India vs. Pakistan

The increasing conflict between the two countries creates a fear of nuclear war.

Aleah Josphsen, Co-Sports Editor

For over 70 years, India and Pakistan have been in conflict over the Kashmir region, fighting three wars since 1947.This is developing deep concern around the world. The panic over the conflict rises from the possibility of Iran and Pakistan using nuclear weapons against each other.

The start of the tension dates back to the passing of the Indian Independence Act, which allowed Kashmir the access to freely accede to either India or Pakistan. The decision to side with India by the Kashmir leader indirectly caused two separate wars across the Line Of Control, the line which separates India and Pakistani forces, the last ending in 1999. By then both had declared themselves nuclear powers.

So what has caused the skirmishes now? In 2003, India and Pakistan signed a ceasefire agreement both agreeing to stop the conflict. However, when the new Indian government came into power, a Pakistani attack on their own ground caused for opposition on possible talks between the two. Since then, several attacks between the two have escalated into the recent air strikes.

On March 14th, Indian and Pakistani officials met to have talks of a proposed road leading from India to a holy temple in Pakistan. This may be one of the first recent attempts at peace between the two. Last year, the Pakistani prime minister exclaimed, “ If France and Germany, who fought in several wars, can leave in peace, why not India and Pakistan?” Though the possibility of peace may be evident, both sides have still remained hostile in agreeing to anything permanent.