Finger Snapping

The skill taking the school by storm.

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

Finger snapping is a skill that everyone should learn. I don’t mean normal boring snapping your fingers, I mean finger snapping. This much more civilized and evolved method of snapping should serve as a replacement to snapping and even clapping in certain situations.

First off, I will discuss the practicality. If you are at a poem show, are you really going to snap your fingers in applause? That is so lame compared to finger snapping, a beautiful sound that fills everyone in the room with satisfaction and content. If you are ever in a situation where it is just awkward silence, you can finger snap the problem away. Also, whenever you agree with your teacher, finger snap in approval; that is widely regarded as a good move, as according to a poll of 141 Bothell students, roughly one in three students consider finger snapping a necessary skill.

Next, time to discuss how one actually does it. First, place your thumb on the inside of your middle finger, and brace it in place. Next whip your hand forward so your pointer finger slaps against your middle finger. After hours of practice your fingers will begin to replicate the sound of angels singing. That is not true, but it is still a good sound.

Now, to everyone reading, you must be wondering about student reactions, or public opinion in general. Most sane people share the same opinion as me. “It is a necessary skill, and very important to the classroom environment,” said Alex Noel, ‘19. This popular opinion seems to be shared amongst many students. “Finger snapping brings the students together and is beneficial to the educational atmosphere,” Henry Burke, ‘19 stated. Even those students that do not possess the ability to finger snap, recognize it’s benefits. “I suppose it does show a sense of community when half the class finger snaps together,” Ari Wilson, ‘19 commented. The idea that it’s annoying seems to be a myth, in fact “It is really swag,” claimed Maddi Mcniel, ‘19.

Overall, finger snapping imposes a sense of community and optimism, as students all over Bothell High School have the chance to have something in common. That is, if they have taught themselves how to finger snap. According to the same Bothell student poll as earlier, roughly 48% of students claim to be able to finger snap. Contrary to popular belief, it is not annoying and that seems to be a urban legend to prevent the masses from learning this skill.

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