Tracking down Bigfoot

Learn about the man, the myth, the legend.

Cody Winkelman, Co-Sports Editor

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Many of you probably know about the mythical creature Bigfoot. Many believe Bigfoot is wandering around somewhere in the wilderness; however there are people who don’t believe in Bigfoot due to a lack of evidence. In a poll taken by Bothell students, only 37% believe Bigfoot is real opposed to the 63% that don’t.

Cameron Zundel (‘20) was asked if he believed in Bigfoot. He said he doesn’t because of a lack of evidence. However, he does believe it is a cool myth to have around and maybe serve as something for people to believe in when they have nothing else to believe.

Nadia Rios (‘20) was asked what Bigfoot’s daily routine might look like. She really stressed the point that Bigfoot most likely spends most of his day brushing his “nasty fur.” Here in Washington state, within the Skamania county limits it is against the law to kill a Bigfoot or any creature like it. In fact, killing Bigfoot can result in up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Zundel said that he doesn’t like this law as it does not protect the citizens’ rights like a government should. However whenever you’re in Skamania county, please refrain from hunting our furry friend. Earlier this year, Washington state senator Ann Rivers proposed to create specialty license plates of Bigfoot. According to the Everett Herald, the plates would cost $40. 28 of which would go directly towards Washington state’s public park program. Bigfoot is quite a guy. He has inspired a myth within the entire human race while also proving his fundraising abilities, if he’s really out there.