Gender and Sports

Girls football and boys volleyball?

Gabe Araujo, Co-Litterbox Editor

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Sports and gender have always been important concepts to society. What happens when the two collide – in the form of girls playing football?

Mrs. Coleen Altermott, one of Bothell’s math teachers, says that football should be for everyone. In certain sports, however, she would prefer teams are separated by gender for safety purposes. She believes sports such as lacrosse should be played with a single gender because the rules are different in boys lacrosse than girls. And boys often play rougher.

Mr. Tom Bainter, one of Bothell’s health teachers and head football coach, thinks that when it comes to football, the more inclusive the better. He said, “We had a girl play football 2 years ago” and that “anybody who wants to play is allowed to play.”

Layla Wagener (‘21) thinks that there isn’t enough advertising for inclusive sports. She also thinks that the current advertisements for sports are too gendered. In conclusion, sports are for everyone, regardless of gender. If girls are playing football at Bothell, maybe one day there will be a boy who plays volleyball.