Athletes of the month

Here's to Katie and Austin's hard work.

Audrey Rainwater, Co-Art Editor

Austin Cartwright (‘19) is a varsity basketball captain, and he plays point guard. He hopes to end his final season by making it to state this year. Cartwright has been playing basketball since he was only four years old because his grandfather had a passion for basketball and Cartwright later developed his own. Outside of school, Cartwright likes to workout and practice dribbling and shooting hoops. Cartwright’s favorite part about playing basketball is being a captain and leading his team. His philosophy is to “lead more through your actions instead of words.” After graduation, Cartwright hopes to attend the University of Washington.

Katie Kaleta (‘21) has been on the Bothell gymnastics team for two years. She started doing gymnastics in 4th grade when she thought it might be interesting to try out. This season, Kaleta says that her team has done well. Kaleta went to state last year, she hopes that she will return for her next 2 years. In order to stay strong and reach her goals, Kaleta goes to practice every day, works at the gym and participates in track in the spring. She says, “You have to be really mentally strong for gymnastics.”  Kaleta’s best moment in gymnastics was going to state, “It felt like my hard work paid off.”