Showing off AirPods

Are they awesome or annoying?

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

AirPods came out in December 2016, but have gotten a lot more attention this past Christmas, two years after their initial release date. As someone who owns AirPods, I recognize their benefits completely over normal headphones.

There seems to be a trend disrespecting AirPods, but this is likely done out of jealousy, much like Android users. They constantly bash iPhones for irrelevant reasons, but deep down they want an iPhone.

Despite the lack of wires, AirPods seem to be less likely to get lost or fall out. They pair instantly and have a long range, charge incredibly fast, and the sound quality is really good. While they are expensive, they are completely worth it.

Many students seem to agree that despite the price, they are a good buy. “Don’t let the steep price tag put you off, they’re worth every penny of their cost,” says experienced AirPod user Alex Noel (‘19). Some students do not own a pair but wish they did. “I recognize the pros of AirPods and hope I am able to get a pair,” states Mr. Bothell member Kaitlin Bean (‘19). Many students have begun to recognize the hate against AirPods is unjust and that they are in fact a good purchase. “I feel inferior to people with AirPods having just my normal earbuds,” expresses Ari Wilson (‘19).

Don’t let off-brand knock offs fool you, they will fail in a short time period, while AirPods are built to last. The best part is, no wires mean no tangling. There is a reason they are pricey, nothing else compares to them. They are the superior earbud.

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