What makes a good teacher?

In this letter to our teachers, our staff covers what we appreciate about teachers.

Dear Teachers,

As students of the prestigious institution of Bothell High School, we want to address what we feel makes a good teacher.

Of course, teachers are a very important part of our world here at Bothell. They help build what will soon be the foundation of our society by influencing and inspiring us. With this in mind, we need good teachers that will help prepare today’s generation for the future.

On a personal level, it is understandable that many students may feel anxious about asking for help. Everyone has trouble with this. One may feel judged by a lack of patience or feel discouraged by a lack of approachability. We need teachers that have the patience, and will always present a non-judgmental and open-minded attitude.  

We also hope that every teacher will enhance the student’s ability to discover unique ideas that live beyond the classroom. A teacher that goes beyond simply teaching monotonous lessons, and Ms. Jody Lineman says that good teacher is “trying to get kids to [think] about ideas and question their own belief systems, without pushing any agenda.”

To get more information, we asked Bothell students through an online forum about qualities that make a good teacher. An anonymous student said, “Classroom control.” This is an understandable request because it is difficult to come into a class genuinely wanting to learn and experiencing extreme annoyance to be punished for the other students’ unruliness.

Being a teacher is a tough and taxing job, and we know that. According to The Washington Post, having a passion for teaching and a love of kids is a crucial aspect of an effective teacher. Having an intense, animated, and spirited attitude in class makes sure that students pay attention and are interested in the subject matter. We want teachers who care to get to know their students, and who will go take any measures to encourage the success of their students in any subject. We love our Bothell teachers, and we hope that you agree with our list and that teachers all over will too.



Your Students

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