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November 20th

Aleah Josephsen, Co-Sports Editor

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November 20th is an important day in American history.

In 1975 Ronald Reagan announced his run at presidential candidacy. As president, Reagan was a generally well-liked and appreciated president who served from 1981-1989, who stimulated the economy and created a widespread trust in the government. With his goal of international peace in mind, he was able to stop the creation and testing of immediate range missiles from the Soviet Union. Reagan helped to create a country of prosperity and peace.

In 2001 George Bush made the decision to dedicate the Department of Justice to Robert F. Kennedy was known as an honorable one. Robert Kennedy, the brother of President John F. Kennedy, was an example of “kindness and courage” according to Bush. As the 64th U.S. Attorney General, he was not afraid of evil and tolerated no injustice. Everyone who knew Kennedy agreed he was deserving of the dedication.

In 1945, according to website History, the ten-month long Nuremberg Trials were established in order to sentence 24 high ranking Nazis who participated in war crimes during World War. 12 of the Nazis were sentenced to death while the others were sentenced prison terms ranging from ten years to life. The Nuremberg Trials were important as they were the first of its kind in history, where the criminals were faced with charges against peace, humanity, and crimes of war. Since the trials, many other war criminal cases have arisen putting over five thousand more in prison.