A 60 day duel for Juul

How the FDA plans to decrease teen usage.

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

The FDA has been cracking down on Juul Labs, the company responsible for the extremely popular device Juul, which dominates the e-cigarette market, according to cnbc.com.

On September 12th this year, the FDA gave five vape brands sixty days to develop a plan to stop vaping amongst youth. After millions of underage teenagers admitted to vaping this last year,  according to drugabuse.gov, the FDA questioned if teens were targeted in vaping ads. The most controversial of these is the brand Juul, as they are worth more than every other vape brand combined. Juul has pledged to stop selling fruit and candy-flavored products, but mint, menthol, and tobacco flavored e-cigarettes are exempt from the new rules according to wired.com.

Vaping is present even here at Bothell, and it raises the question of legality. If a student is of legal age, they want to be able to vape as they please. One student new to vaping says, “I don’t think I would continue if the flavors got removed.”

On one hand, the FDA is simply trying to prevent addiction and unhealthy habits amongst teens, but another hand says it infringes upon the rights of those who legally and responsibly vape. As well, it restricts the idea of a free market and many people who do not even vape are opposed, as they do not like excessive government control over commerce. One student familiar with vaping says, “the government can’t decide what I put in my body.” That said, lots of people are against vaping and support restrictions.

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