Admins remove bathroom doors

Vaping in school bathrooms has lead to the removal of some bathroom doors.

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

Vaping amongst teens has reached an all-time high, and even Bothell is affected. Typically, students would go to the bathroom to vape, but the school administration recognized this problem and made an effort to stop it. Their supposed solution was to remove the doors of two of the boy’s restrooms; one by the black box and one in the math/science building. This is not really a huge problem because while it does indeed negate privacy, I don’t think people should be worried unless they are trying to vape.

This was all done without warning, and some people do not like it at all, such as members of the drama department, because the black box bathroom is frequently used for costume changes, and with no door, there is no privacy. I decided to ask two anonymous students who vape legally for their opinions. “I guess you could say it works because it makes vaping on campus very hard,” says one experienced vaper. On the other hand, however, “I don’t even vape on campus, and the missing doors are simply awkward for everyone who is responsible” said a student new to vaping.

This does tie into the ongoing car searches on campus as well. While I do understand the crackdown on bathroom vaping, the fact the school punishes people for simply having vaping products in their car is unjust. While assistant principal Ms. Elizabeth Cano says it is an effort to “keep the school safe and clean no matter what,” she also says it is a “case by case” basis and more serious issues should receive more serious punishments and vice versa.

If students know the risk of vaping, don’t use their vape inside, and are safe and responsible with using it, they should not be punished for simply keeping products in their car or using it in their car, especially if they are of legal vaping age. After all, this is the protocol for most colleges around the country, which even allow vaping outdoors in general.

The answer is simple. Students who responsibly vape and students who don’t vape at all should not be subject to the punishments of students who vape irresponsibly.

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